Tycho, I'd accept a tank for Megs & a jet for Starscream in a different scale, but I think the pricepoint would have to be no more than $40 each and even that's pushing it, and they can't be too small but they don't need as detailed interiors.

Also, there's no way I'd accept Starscream as an F-14 Tomcat, that's what Jetfire is!!! I see no reason to change Starscream's G1 alt-mode anyway, the F-15 is still in service; or a MiG-29 could be used (although I have a feeling countries that actually fly MiGs, and that's a LOT of 'em, might not like the implication of changing Starscream's altmode to something we in the US feel is more sinister ).

Adam, I kinda saw it coming with Hound, but what specifically makes him weaker? What makes Silverstreak so much better than the others as well?