Hmmm. You're right about Gen1: Ratchet / Ironhide, and I think Prowl, Bluestreak (wasn't it Bluestreak, not Silverstreak back then?), Sideswipe (Lamborghini) and Red Alert (Lamborghini), etc.

I just thought Alternators would respect "adult collectors" more than that.

Sucker for these as I may be, while I may not be a completist one day (a yellow corvette? yuck) - I think I will buy Silverstreak because I checked my pictures of him from the site Adam directed me to and from The Transformers Archive with pictures from the old catalogs, and in the greater scheme of things I like Silverstreak the way they did him for Alternators.

No - I will not buy Decepticon cars! I'll skip being a completist there. Decepticons are JET PLANES so I'll be asking Hasbro for them at Comic Con.
I want my $65 Starscream at an approximate F-15 size range! Make him 20th Prime size. D's should be big and intimidating next to Bots.

BTW, this site is really cool - go to TOYS in the main menu and then find the catalog scans amonst the lists of toys with detailed images.

The old catalog scans are great. I used to use them as my checklists back in the day!