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Plus it's another Red Sports car. Some varying color choices might be cool:
It's a test-shot, so this figure could be in ANY color, test shots are sometimes thrown with whatever color is in the machine at the time. Blue would have been nice here though, the S2000 looks good in blue, silver, metallic green (lighter than Hound's), or even yellow.

Sideswipe - Red
Dead End - black (looks very cool)

Smokescreen - blue
Silverstreak - blue

Hound - green
Swindle - tan (or maroon would work though be non-traditional)

Tracks - blue (traditional and appropriate)
??? - Yellow (Yes? I've heard this) Could be cool for Dragstrip (stunticon)

Grimlock - white
???? - will they use his mold for someone else? Wildrider or Breakdown?

Meister - white...
Silverstreak is silver, Swindle is yellow, and Grimlock is silver. These are done deals, or am I not understanding your list?

The car choices, too...

Dodge Viper
Subarua ???
Jeep Wrangler
Ford Mustang
Chevy Corvette

What is Meister anyway?
Subaru WRC (Smokescreen) and WRX (Silverstreak). Honda S2000, and I gather Swindle is going to be a Rubicon. Meister/Jazz is a Mazda RX-8.

Porshe? - 911, Carerra
Neither are terribly current vehicles I think, maybe a Cayenne, that's all I can think of that's new from them and not just more of the same ol'.
Ferrari? - Testarosa, F-40, Boxer
Again, not terribly current, and I think you mean "Boxter" which is the Porsche. Ferrari 360 Modena would be awesome.
Lamborghini? - Countach, Diablo
Countach is over, Diablo is retired, so I guess the Murcielago and that other one, neither of which look as good as their predecessors.
BMW? - ???
Z4 & the 645Ci are their coolest cars I think, though I'd take a Z8 as well.
Mercedes? SL-50 convertable
They have a sportier car than that too, I think.
Hummer? - H2 - should have been Grimlock right here, but Ironhide?
Ugh, no H2s please, just the classic H1. BTW, you can put AM General's Hummer under Chevy since that's who is making/selling the civilian ones.
Plymouth Voyager? - Ratchet, Ironhide
Minivans? I'd take SUVs but please, no Minivans.
Volkswagon - Beetle or Golf - Bumblebee, Cliffjumper
Ford F-350 - Kup?
I'd rather have the Chevy SSR.

PF, I am pretty sure that's the "Storm" European version. From what I've read, these were marketed in Europe in several different ways, sometimes turbomasters, sometimes cannonmasters, sometimes Rotorstorm and sometimes just Storm. I think the reasoning for putting this into G2 is because in the US, G1 ended in '90 and in Europe the releases were very confused.

KAK, he also looks kinda funked from angles I think.