OK, I found a lot today.

I saw ArCee - the pink fembot who turns into a motorcycle! It's cool to finally see ArCee get some justice done to her. Too bad I don't collect that line. She looked pretty good. Now they just need to make an Alternator for her. I don't think any modern car companies are doing anything in PINK for 2005 though...

I saw Sharkticon and this super-military-stealth boat looked great! It's supposed to be GNAW a SHARKTICON, that turns into a shark of course, but nevermind continuity

I saw the new Hot Shot -this looked cool. I wish they'd call him Hot Rod like he's supposed to be named. Meanwhile, he needs an Alternator for sure!

The big news is in ALTERNATORS - my line!

I finally found Hound! I definitely like him. This wave will pegwarm though - the package is dark and makes a poor presentation for him and Silverstreak.

In fact I turned down Silverstreak. I guess I don't need to buy rehashes (Smokescreen repainted). I don't want a whole Autobot Armada, just a small battle squad I guess.

I also saw Dead End there. WOW! This one looks hot, but I'm keeping with my religious beliefs that Decepticons are not cars unless they are COMBINERS.

I know we'll also see Swindle (from Hound's sculpt), and can only grumble that the Combaticons can't all possibly be produced since Blast-Off was a space shuttle and hardly going to be in scale with Dead End (not that they should have ever been used for the same combiner team in the first place - save for the fact that in the cartoon, the characters can change their sizes when they transform).

Anyway, a Yellow Tracks was shown on Dead End's Packaging. I doubt I'd buy that and plan on going with the blue.

Grimlock's white Mustang is also another planned purchase.

I still want:

Ironhide - an SUV perhaps? Ford Expedition?
Wheeljack - ??? (what kind of car?)
BumbleBee - yellow 2005 Volkswagon bug
Mirage - something white
Hot Rod - ??? - something red
Kup - ??? - some kind of blue pick-up truck
Blurr - ??? - something very fast and probably silver
Arcee - ??? - what could be pink?
Springer - ??? - at least a green car, if he can't be a triple changer - but what about a boat
Wreck-Gar - an orange dirt bike, like a Yamaha
Ultra Magnus - with a trailer this time, something like 20th Anniversary Prime