Ravage was a cassette tape that turned into a panther.

If they HAVE to make him a car, couldn't they have made him a JAGUAR? (Pun Totally Clever and Intended)

- but I also AM serious too. It's just funny in addition to being practical.

Let's see now:

Subarrus - not too fond of them, but Smokescreen came out awesome.
Dodge Vipers - awesome cars!!!
Jeep Wranglers - very cool and fun.
Mazda RX-8? Well Meister looks cool - I've never looked at that type of car before.
Corvette Z06? OK. I think Corvettes are hot - used to like the ZR-1 though.
Ford Mustang - nice! I used to drive a 2004 for a while just a few months back.

I'm an SUV kind of guy though. I'd prefer a hybrid one - or solar power with enough juice for 4-wheel drive, but I like the passenger seating, the storage hauling and flat-bed capability (I use it to move large boxes full of Star Wars toys quite often actually - I have to have storage my collection is so large).

I'd love to see a

Toyota 4-Runner
Jeep Grand Cherokee
Range Rover
Ford Expedition

these are great candidates for:

MotorMaster (for a Decepticon if they have to )
Maybe Brawl (Combaticon) or some of the Constructicon names
Red Alert as a fire chief SUV (more realistic than a Lamborghini for a fire car)
Inferno - same thing - if a car company would allow a municipal fire engine company to be suggested on their vehicle.

That being said, a Ford Escort or other Police Car option for Prowl.

But anyway, Ravage should be a Jaguar, dammit!