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    Re: Transformers: Energon & Beyond

    Ravage was a cassette tape that turned into a panther.

    If they HAVE to make him a car, couldn't they have made him a JAGUAR? (Pun Totally Clever and Intended)

    - but I also AM serious too. It's just funny in addition to being practical.

    Let's see now:

    Subarrus - not too fond of them, but Smokescreen came out awesome.
    Dodge Vipers - awesome cars!!!
    Jeep Wranglers - very cool and fun.
    Mazda RX-8? Well Meister looks cool - I've never looked at that type of car before.
    Corvette Z06? OK. I think Corvettes are hot - used to like the ZR-1 though.
    Ford Mustang - nice! I used to drive a 2004 for a while just a few months back.

    I'm an SUV kind of guy though. I'd prefer a hybrid one - or solar power with enough juice for 4-wheel drive, but I like the passenger seating, the storage hauling and flat-bed capability (I use it to move large boxes full of Star Wars toys quite often actually - I have to have storage my collection is so large).

    I'd love to see a

    Toyota 4-Runner
    Jeep Grand Cherokee
    Range Rover
    Ford Expedition

    these are great candidates for:

    MotorMaster (for a Decepticon if they have to )
    Maybe Brawl (Combaticon) or some of the Constructicon names
    Red Alert as a fire chief SUV (more realistic than a Lamborghini for a fire car)
    Inferno - same thing - if a car company would allow a municipal fire engine company to be suggested on their vehicle.

    That being said, a Ford Escort or other Police Car option for Prowl.

    But anyway, Ravage should be a Jaguar, dammit!

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    Re: Transformers: Energon & Beyond

    Sorry Tycho, you're not the first one to make that "Alternator Ravage should at least be a Jaguar!" comment. And why not really? They already have a Ford coming out as an Alternator (Jaguar is now owned by Ford).

    RX-8s aren't quite as exciting as they should be IMO, they just don't look sporty enough to me.

    I hate the Z06, I think it is possibly the ugliest Corvette ever. The C6 is way more awesome.

    I cannot stand the upcoming '05 Mustang (should be released in a few weeks, I think), which is what Grimlock will be. I think it is one of the least-attractive pony-cars since the '70s model. Silver is its best color though.

    I would like to see trucks and SUVs in this line, but only something really cool, not the same basic thing over and over. A Caddy Escalade would be a major seller, everybody loves that thing right now. As much as I might bag on it, the Chevy Avalanche would make a neat TF. I don't remember what the recent 4-Runners look like too well, but I'd include it because I remember them looking a little more different.

    So, on the Energon front, Target is having a major sale, Basics are $4.88, Deluxes are $6.44 (I was SOOOO tempted to get another Tow Line or Slugslinger), and the rest is like 15% off. I picked up an extra Insecticon, but passed on everything else. I also picked up a non-repaint Ironhide on clearance for $10, but I really don't care for him too much, so I'm returning the unopened "Energon Ironhide" I had bought earlier to TRU for my $20 back. He looks way better than the original version, but the mold just doesn't do it for me and they didn't even fix the funky angle on the missile-launcher.

    On Ironhide, I removed the entire electronics box, cut the wires and stuffed 'em into the collar that is staying on the figure, but left it so that the electronics box could actually be slid back onto the collar if I want to. Initially, I even removed the "neck" from the collar and screwed the plug directly onto the head, but this looked even worse than wearing the collar so I re-attached it. I put Ironhide and Prowl together with Ironhide as pants, with some fiddling it actually worked out pretty good and was TALLER than an Ironhide/Ironhide powerlinking. I haven't found anybody good for Ironhide in shirt mode yet though.

    Oh, and I was mistaken about tiny Prime from the 2pack having no decent "pants" partner, Prime-shirt works surprisingly well with Prowl-pants I think.
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    Re: Transformers: Energon & Beyond

    I saw Slugslinger. Very cool looking. Wasn't he almost exactly the same before as a Target Master - back in the day?

    I think they did a good job staying true to his character then.

    I saw the Wheeljack replacement, Downshift I think? Looks very cool. I always liked Wheeljack's colors and look. One of my favorite transformers.

    I also saw Hot Shot's new do-up. Very nice (in the Downshift assortment style).

    It almost made me wish I was collecting these.

    I also like how many Navy-type ships they are doing. Boats are something new for Transformers, at least compared to my day.

    (geeze I sound like an old man)

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    Re: Transformers: Energon & Beyond

    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho
    Who's everyone else's favorite?
    Mine is Silverstreak.

    I recieved the newest basic assortment from BBTS with has the first two limbs for Superion and Devasta... er "Contructicon Maximus" . Here's the review I posted at tfans:

    Received my shipment of these basics from BBTS today, I'll review them from my favorite to least favorite. These are based on just the figures themselves since I don't have a deluxe to combine them with.

    First they all come with blue Energon chips, which in the show is "super" energon. They all come with blue weapons that also serve as the hands and feet of their repective gestalt. They can also be attached to the figures in vehicle mode.

    Treadshot: Vehicle mode is very nice. Aside from the fists there's nothing that really scream out, "GIANT ROBOT!" The baby blue used works here, unlike on Landquake. It goes with the black really well, but then again, what doesn't? Robot mode is also very nice, and has very good articulation. Transformation is pretty simple so no new colors are introduced or deducted. His weapons are kinda weird, double sided blasters from the looks of it. But they look ok in robot mode. Attached to vehicle mode, they just don't look good. Overall a very solid figure. I was pretty impressed with it, seeing as how another Autobot basic, Skyblast, is less artitculated AND Treadshot makes a leg or an arm for Superion. I highly recommend this one.

    Sledge: Again, vehicle mode is nice and not too far fetched at all. When I first saw pics of this one in bot mode, I thought: BRICK! But to my suprise, he is very well articulated. Even his waist is articulated, although it is vital to the transformation. The picture on the back is just terrible, but that shouldn't have been too suprising. I like how the Decepticon symbol is hidden in vehicle mode. This guy really is a robot in disguise. (Well except for the spark crystal I guess.) His weapons is for melee and looks like a fork really. It attaches to the back of the vehicle mode, and doesn't look to bad. Another highly recommended figure.

    Sky Shadow: I like to call this guy Powerglide instead. This one actually has my favorite vehicle mode, because everything is well hidden. That kinda hurts the robot mode in this case though. I'm not a big fan of the "hidden fists" that some Transformers have. An Energon example would Starscream, but his aren't so bad. Anyway, like the previous two figures, Sky Shadow is also very well articulated. He also sports waist articulation due to his transformation. His weapon is a double barreled blaster, but its too bulky and doesn't look good. It does not look right attached to vehicle mode either. Still, I also highly recommend this figure.

    Duststorm: If you think I'm going to get four home runs in a row, forget it. I don't like Duststorm. Vehicle mode is ok. I'm not a big fan of the colors, the blue doesn't match his contructicon brethren very well. It's kinda annoying that his hook doesnt move. Robot mode is a mess. It might just be mine, but the ball joints for his legs are very loose, and you can't position his crane arm without tipping it over. This figure also suffers from hidden fist syndrome. His waist is articulated though. That is good, because I do not like the chest they way Hasbro tf's this figure. I have the head and arms turned around and use the back as the chest. I just think it looks better. His weapons is a pincher that he can either hold in his hand, or at the end of his crane. I actually like his weapon though. In vehicle mode it also goes on the crane. I really can't recommend this figure just by itself. If you want to complete Devastator.. er "Constructicon Maximus" then it is recommend. However I would seriously consider buying doubles of Wideload though, since Duststorm's colors don't really sync up.

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    Re: Transformers: Energon & Beyond

    Oh and there's some big hub-bub going on over these, the supposed first wave of Transformer Galaxy Force (Transformers: Cybertron in the states)

    It feels like Energon just started to come out, and early next year these will already start hitting in Japan.

    As for the figures themselves, I'm only really impressed with Prime, Jetfire (although his alt-mode is strange for him) and Starscream. Now, all of the new figures appear to have excellent articulation, but some of their bot modes don't look very good to me. It looks like the next line may actually be very much hit or miss for me this time.

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    Re: Transformers: Energon & Beyond

    My favorite Alternator is Smokescreen. I dont own any of the others (with the exception of Sideswipe) so i didnt include them. Smokey has a better looking bot mode in my eyes and i like his colors.

    Alt Ravage looks silly. The head just doesnt look right on the body. I think that one is going to stay on the peg when i see it.

    Been seeing more and more new figures, some look good, others not so good. I will more than likely pick up five or so for my brother (Christmas is right around the corner) and just wait for Swoop and Grimlock for myself. Other than that im still scheming on how to get my hands on some G1 Dinobots.
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    Re: Transformers: Energon & Beyond

    There's a picture of Ravage as a Corvette Alternator somewhere?

    Does he have a "Cat head?"

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    Re: Transformers: Energon & Beyond

    Yep, hes got a cat head on top of a Tracks body, makes me cringe. Ive seen the pics on a couple of Transformers forums that i visit ( and frequently.
    Good Traders/Sellers: Cameo, Darth Cruel, Sith Killer 99, JJReason, icatch9, ChasingJediDogma, AT-AT Man, JediMasterGuyute, Brainiak76, JangoFett96, njscollectibles, Vulcantouch, AC Pin, TheDarthVader, msjedi, DarthQuack, Roojay

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    Re: Transformers: Energon & Beyond

    What's with the hit-and-miss job on the heads? Some are dead-on replicas of the original G1 toy or cartoon heads, and some are so far off as to boggle the mind.

    Swindle comes immediately to mind. Why doesn't he have a box head with big purple goggles?
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    Re: Transformers: Energon & Beyond

    First off, using my $10 Energon Ironhide, I cut a 5mm hole in the bottom of the collar that goes around the head so I could plug the collar onto the back of the vehicle mode, it looks better this way, can't even see it from the front.

    Second, I saw all those TF:Cybertron pics yesterday, they are amazing, this is the Transformers line I am most excited about. Everything just looks so much better than Armada and Energon, even RID in some ways. We've had Energon for a year next month, and with the cartoon totally screwed up by both the production company and Cartoon Network's horrible programming department, the toys starting to finish up their main run, the line seems to have already run out of gas. Here's my take on these Cybertron figures, which apparently use a "key" to activate extra features...

    Optimus Prime - looks nifty, I dig the mouthplate gimmick, and I like the cybertronian look combined with RID homages. The weapon platform turning into wings and weapons for OP is a neat touch.

    Jetfire - very very cool, massive cargo jet becomes a great-looking robot that harkens back to one of my favorite Armada figures. Seems like a "mature" version of the Armada/Energon character, especially the alt mode.

    Hot Shot - vehicle mode is pretty slick, reminds me of Armada Wheeljack. Bot mode looks decent except for doors hanging off the forearms. Looks like the power-up is Hot Rod-esque wings, I bet they'll look neat in alt mode too.

    Vector Prime - Ben Yee of says that's a take off on the Beast Wars Axalon, I sorta see it but it's been a while so I'm not that sure. No matter what though, this sucker looks awesome, great articulation, huge sword, even has a minicon weapon/jet.

    Tractorman - seems to be suffering major kibble problems in bot mode, alt mode is not the type of tractor I was expecting. I'm not terribly impressed, though power-up weapon mode looks cool.

    Blue Halftrack - looks kinda average, missiles are way too long, hopefully they can elevate or something. Reminds me a little of Armada Demolishor and more of his minicon Blackout, would have made a better Decepticon.

    Green 4x4 - I kinda like this guy, bot mode has claws on one hand, is chunky but not suffering kibble-itis, and alt mode is like a mini-Hummer with lots of similarities to G1 Brawn.

    Minicons - they look ok, colors are a little odd, but only the helicopter really looks like something interesting.

    Megatron - I dig the 2 alt modes, very very cool, what RID Megs should have been instead of techno-organic. Bot mode is pointy and nasty but suffers a mishmosh look which is made worse by bad colors.

    Thundercrackers - alt mode looks nice, I especially like the missiles, but bot mode has that giant oversized melon and claw weapon. Not terrible though.

    Starscream- Holy crizap! Alt mode is awesome, best Cybertronian jet ever, shades of Energon Bulkhead's cheater legs though. Bot mode looks like an extension of Armada Starscream, except far far cooler. Power-up weapons are those spring-out forearm blades, those are pretty keen. Quite impressive.
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    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.


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