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I got the freebie demo at the Comic Con and played it on my brother-in-law's PS2 that weekend.
Yeah, we got that demo at Comic-con also and my son had been playing it constantly -- he freaked out when he saw the screens at the con. I wanted to go out and buy it the next day, but decided to wait until his birthday.

I'm glad it's fun. I mean, I'm really glad it's fun. I've gotten us other cartoon based games -- mostly those Gundam games that didn't exactly turn out as well as we'd liked (though the Gundam fighter for PS1 is pretty good.) The controls are a bit tricky to get used to, but we've both got it down now.

I'm still playing the Amazon area... love shooting down those drop ships.


Anyway, I gave in and picked up Slugslinger today. I'm glad I didn't get it for the kid, because it's way too fumbly for him. I think bot mode is cool, but the vehicle mode is kind of lame and awkward. Nothing seems to fit together very well. Mmm... Sharkticon next I think.