Tycho, I'm surprised to hear you bagging on Meister as cheap and flimsy, except for his shoulders and the floppy triangle hood panel, he seems about the same as the others. The right shoulder pops out on most Meisters from time to time, but apparently some folks had that problem with Smokescreen & Silverstreak as well.

I would say pick them up if they're ever on sale. It's not a bad set, but like many things in this line, it could have been better. They're deffinately better than the Scavenger you picked up on sale.
Ugh, don't remind me of that Scavenger, you're not exactly giving Grim/Swoop a lot of praise by that comparison.

On Grim/Swoop, there are no accessories, right?

The remold of Blurr could be good, I may end up getting this if it comes out in the US. The remold on Cyclonus actually makes that one look a lot better, but I bet the legs are still just dangling kibblejunk so it's really unlikely that I'll bother. Hoist's remold might work, I'd have to see more of it to be sure, but I didn't care much for the original so it'll really depend on what's going on with the arms here for me to show interest. Sideswipe looks to be nothing new except for the engine block and paint, but if the bot mode has been changed enough, I'd get this one again.

Are these the final figures for this line or will we be seeing a couple more pop out before Cybertron premieres?
After the 3 combiner teams, there will be Kicker w/ Highwire, Alpha-Q, and Grapple (or is his name "Roadblock" now? the bot that's a remold of Inferno), then it'll be coasting on repaints.