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    Re: Transformers: Energon & Beyond

    Tycho, I'm surprised to hear you bagging on Meister as cheap and flimsy, except for his shoulders and the floppy triangle hood panel, he seems about the same as the others. The right shoulder pops out on most Meisters from time to time, but apparently some folks had that problem with Smokescreen & Silverstreak as well.

    I would say pick them up if they're ever on sale. It's not a bad set, but like many things in this line, it could have been better. They're deffinately better than the Scavenger you picked up on sale.
    Ugh, don't remind me of that Scavenger, you're not exactly giving Grim/Swoop a lot of praise by that comparison.

    On Grim/Swoop, there are no accessories, right?

    The remold of Blurr could be good, I may end up getting this if it comes out in the US. The remold on Cyclonus actually makes that one look a lot better, but I bet the legs are still just dangling kibblejunk so it's really unlikely that I'll bother. Hoist's remold might work, I'd have to see more of it to be sure, but I didn't care much for the original so it'll really depend on what's going on with the arms here for me to show interest. Sideswipe looks to be nothing new except for the engine block and paint, but if the bot mode has been changed enough, I'd get this one again.

    Are these the final figures for this line or will we be seeing a couple more pop out before Cybertron premieres?
    After the 3 combiner teams, there will be Kicker w/ Highwire, Alpha-Q, and Grapple (or is his name "Roadblock" now? the bot that's a remold of Inferno), then it'll be coasting on repaints.
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    Re: Transformers: Energon & Beyond

    According to the Alternator repaint of the Jazz mold is going to be recolored blue and will be Shockwave. Ive avoided Dead End and had no plans to pick up either of the other two Cons but im more than likely going to get this one. Im a sucker for blue cars, Shockwaves mug is icing on the cake.
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    Re: Transformers: Energon & Beyond

    He's better than Ravage.

    And you should get Dead End, he's really nice.

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    Re: Transformers: Energon & Beyond

    Dead End is definitely worth getting, the vehicle mode alone is dang slick. Also, Target has Alternators on sale right now for $16 (IIRC) until Saturday and they had lots of him and Hound and other blue-box figs.

    As for Alternators Shockwave, he's almost purple, it's an interesting idea but doesn't quite execute for my tastes. I'm not writing it off, but it's not love either. Oh, here's a gallery of pix:

    Picked up Energon Steamhammer, Stormjet, and Omega Sentinel at TRU (OS was $10 off so I caved).

    Stormjet is really crazy to transform, this is a figure you'll need the instructions for PLUS some intuition as the instructions gloss over a few key steps. The peg that holds the torso to the waist doesn't seem to agree with the corresponding hole, the inner panels don't lock into anything (and the proto photo totally ignores them), the lower legs flop out of position pretty easily, and I'm like 95% sure that the knees are installed backwards. The blue light-piping looks very nice. I like the bot mode more than I expected, but the alt mode is pretty sad.

    Steamhammer is almost likable, but has some real issues, plus there's a piece of flash between the treads at the end where the head is, I just cut it off, it's thick. Alt mode doesn't hold together very well and has some serious scale issues, but isn't terrible. Transformation is easier than it seems, and bot mode is better than expected (especially for a claw-hand, I usually don't go in for that). Articulation is nice, except for the head with no articulation at all. The purple light-piping for the eyes doesn't work very well but looks cool when you can see it. I like having the gestalt head mounted above the right arm instead of hidden behind, looks funny this way. A paint wash would REALLY do this fellow some good. My biggest issue is that the material feels a little cheapy.

    Haven't opened OS yet.
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    Re: Transformers: Energon & Beyond

    I know I mada a big deal about this somewhere back in this thread, but I actually forgot:

    Alternator Ravage will be a repaint of which car? Tracks?


    Smokescreen............(Autobot) Silverstreak
    Tracks....................Ravage??? (Color?)
    Meister....................Shockwave (what a stupid choice for Shockwave's character)

    Car characters from Decepticons that could be done: Breakdown, Dragstrip, Wildrider, Brawl (well, a tank is a land vehicle), Onslaught, MotorMaster.


    Breakdown could be a repaint of Windcharger I guess...
    Wildrider should be the repaint of Grimlock unless they are going to do Ferraris

    I wish they'd do Lamborghinis as well (and that Ravage was a Jaguar if he had to be a car).

    Dragstrip and (Autobot) Mirage should be interchangeable, if not alternatively used for Blurr.

    Wildrider could also pair up with HotRod (or Hotshot if they can't change the stupid naming rights back again).

    Brawl and Ironhide could be done as Hummers or SUVs.

    Onslaught and MotorMaster could both be Hummers, using both molds for Decepticons.

    I might buy that.

    Noting the list above, I've bought NO (Zero) repaints. DeadEnd is the most tempting, but I'll say this for the 9th or 10th time: I want JET PLANES for Decepticons, or at least a Tank for Megatron.

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    Re: Transformers: Energon & Beyond

    Yeah, Battle Ravage will be a revisit to the Tracks mold. Windcharger & Grimlock don't have repaints yet that we know of, though someone at forums pointed out that Grimlock's body is a much better choice for this Shockwave than Meister's, and I could not agree with that more.


    So get this, I popped the batteries into Omega Sentinel and the sound effects are the Star Trek:TNG photon torpedo (OS's main weapon) and the Star Wars:ANH proton torpedo (OS's turret), they're the exact sounds too, not just similar, and O.Supreme has the same sounds.

    O Sentinel is pretty neat, I like his transformation even if it is somewhat simple. The colors here are more unified but I wouldn't recommend this coloring over the original O Supreme, I'd say they each have their own charms so get which ever one you like best. I love how the stump under the minibot-formed head can slide up to reveal an actual face. The train part of the train/crane vehicle is cool but the crane itself is lackluster; I really like the naval destroyer in space vehicle though. The minibot kinda sucks, nothing locks in place and his joints pop out easily, and the orange color he has is not flattering.

    I don't have regular Optimus Prime, but I did figure out how to get TRU-exclusive deluxe-sized Prime into the big OS without having him slide around loose: transform Prime's legs but leave his arms & rear truck half where they are, then slide the leg covers down, fold the feet down, bend the knees back, and put this contraption inside half of OS, then close the other half onto this. It's not loose or terribly gappy, I like how it looks, better even than the normal Prime in there because mini Prime's head and upper body actually stick out higher than normal prime.


    I have more updates on Steamhammer & Stormjet.

    Steamhammer has an assembly mistake on his treads, there's a tab on each that is supposed to lock the treads into the hip panels in bot mode, but the assembly had the treads reversed so the tabs were at the head-end making them useless. They're very easy to swap, just 2 screws on each.

    Steamhammer's alt mode isn't as floppy as I thought, he was simply mis-transformed in the packaging. His alt mode seems small but it's really about the same size as the other deluxe Decepticons if you take his bulk and big shovel arm into account. I really like his transformation scheme, it's not terribly complex or uses any slick tricks, but it's neat and not simplistic at all. The panel behind the head actually locks into the back of the head when everything's aligned properly. The purple light-piping really looks sinister and cool and once you get the right angle it isn't too dim. Gestalt mode is also nifty, the instructions make the transformation look hard but it's actually quite clever and pegs pretty solidly. Note to Autobots: attack "Construticon Maximus" from the left, he's totally blind on that side thanks to his big shoulder!

    On Stormjet, the instructions also neglect to mention that the black panels should be covering the hip joints in vehicle mode. I'm quite confident these panels should be covering the hips, they have intakes sculpted into the front which can't be seen in any other position of the panels, and by filling in the middle of the fuselage, they give the plane a sleeker look while covering up an ugly gap.

    Filling in that gap definitely goes a long way to salvage my opinion of the vehicle mode, it gives it a sense of wholeness in the middle that was sorely lacking. The vehicle mode still has issues, like the funky gap between the engines and the body (worse than on Scorponok's jet mode even) and the unattractive winglets near the front, but it seems a lot more respectable simply by having those panels fill in the midsection. Alt mode is slightly bigger than Starscream's even though I've heard folks say Stormjet is smaller than a deluxe. Transformation is not bad, but transforming back can be a pain the first time. Gestalt mode isn't as nice as Steamhammer's but it's not bad.

    Two major assembly issues here, Stormjet's thighs AND knees are both installed backwards, comparing the US version to pics of the Japanese version confirmed my suspicions. The knees are supposed to bend fluidly, but the US version is assembled with the angular stop in the back instead of the front and the curved part of the hinge uselessly in the front. The thighs are supposed to have the angled pegs on the outside so they lock the thighs into place in gestalt mode, but the US one has them inside so they hit against the crotch piece and leave the legs at a permanent spread.

    The fix for both leg issues is not hard, just a small screwdriver and about 10 minutes of time - remember while you're doing this to keep track of which screws go where, there are 2 or 3 different sizes. Remove the lower legs (the halves fit on a central pin, you might need a little extra pressure to separate one side from this pin) and set them aside, then take the thighs apart off the hips (make sure to keep each thigh's ratchet spring assembly from popping out, it didn't give me any trouble though) and swap them, then rotate the knees and reattach the lower legs onto their interior part's pins making sure the kneecaps face the angled part of the knee hinge instead of the curved part, then finally just screw everything back together.
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    Re: Transformers: Energon & Beyond

    Whilst looking for Stormjet and Steamhammer, I saw OSentinel at TRU.. they had gotten about 10 cases too. No OSupreme's in sight.

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    Re: Transformers: Energon & Beyond

    Spotted some Combiners at TRU last night. I saw (that I can remember now) Duststorm, Sledge, Storm Jet -- and probably a few others, and I like what I see. (Wish I'd grabbed Storm Jet now, I think I will next time.) These combiner sets are gonna suck me back in... not sure if I can afford it.

    We picked up the TRU Optimus/Megatron box for the kid's birthday, and it's turned out to be a fun set. (I may grab one for myself now. I dig the Hotshot/Optimus combo.)

    The kid's getting Omega Supreme for X-mas, so I'll have to wait to see for myself how that plays (kind of looking forward to it.) I'm thinking about grabbing Omega Sentinel for me later -- haven't seen it firsthand, but I really dig the colors.


    We're still playing through the Transformers (ps2) game. I just beat Starscream, and now I'm getting thrashed by Cyclonus, (stupid helicopter robot jerk! )

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    Re: Transformers: Energon & Beyond

    I would suggest Omega Sentinel if you can find him on sale, $10 off or more, but I definitely don't think he's worth $50 plus tax, especially if your household already has O.Supreme. O.S. is the same exact height as the Unicron figure, I definitely wasn't expecting that, so they compliment each other quite well for play options.

    Glad to hear you like the TRU set, I too am quite fond if it, a real bargain, saved me from wasting $80 on full-sized OP and Megs.

    Check it out, Alternators Grimlock will be repainted into... Wheeljack!

    I'm not sure what to think of this, I'm fairly confident this one isn't a phoney, it looks like a test shot, and I like the head, but I think I would have rather seen Wheeljack's head on the Meister body (with a Wheeljack paint job and the new body panels that Shockwave is sporting).
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    Re: Transformers: Energon & Beyond

    It's better than Battle Ravage...


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