Grimlock, Swindle, and Meister turned up at my Toys R Us today when I went to get a few more E3 Sneak Prviews for my Wookiee Army.

I already have Meister, but pondered and ultimately did NOT purchase Grimlock or Swindle.

It was hard. Grimlock looks great. I prefer the 2004 Mustang, or '05 if this is the '06 and they had to make a recent year, but it still looks great. I just may buy this model after I see Wheeljack (though the racing stripe isn't that appealing on the car either.)

To me, Grimlock should be a dinosaur and if this was a beast-machine Alternator, I'd have preferred that. I'd rather see what the movie will show once these characters hit the big screen. (Though mass-produced toys for the movie will ultimatley be cheaper than Alternators - which is why I'm clecting this line).

Swindle looks nice. But again, I'm having a small collection, and want the main characters based on the cartoon. Decepticons like Starscream, Megatron, Soundwave (whatever they do) and Shockwave, as well as some other jsts, will be my focus. Ravage might get bought. I could pose the robot on all-fours. Shockwave - well again, he's very movie accurate in robot mode.

Anyway, I'll think about these for a while and maybe get them down the road. Dead End with Sunstreaker's head didn't do it for me either though. I'm picky about my Decepticons.

But thought I'd let people know Grimlock's out there.