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I hadn't heard that it came from the con, I heard that they WANTED it to be said at the con. I could be wrong though, it's hard to have sources on rumors like this that get around so much.

Chaddy, I can't get that link to load, can you give us the rundown?
It didn't come from the con. It was unfounded rumors. In a telephone panel discussion following the con, that a few lucky transfans were able to participate in, a few questions were asked that implied that Hasbro was exploring a number of possibilities for expaning the Transformers brand. One was regarding interest in different price points for Alternators to use different types of vehicles. Another was interest in a G1 themed line in the same vein as the SW VOTC line. But in the end, they were just questions, not promises, and since then there have been rumors flying about them. But they've always just been rumors.

You should really try opening the links again, but since you asked, BT Ravage's back story is that a human organization collecting alien artifacts ever since the discovery of Transformers on earth find a device (named, humorously for a reason you'll learn in a minute, "Shroedinger's Box"). Research reveals that it's a data flight recorder from a crippled Cybertronian space craft buried since prehistoric times...one that contains the recorded memories of Agent X-9 (Beast Wars Ravage). X-9, realizing that the conflict on earth is proof positive that his efforts in the past were useless, he convinces the group to build him a new body. They give him a Corvette. Only, to operate, he needs a spark. So they put G1 Ravage into stasis lock and shove him into the car tape deck. And thus, BT Ravage is born.