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How could you be doing the feet wrong? You just fold the seatpan flat and it's a foot, right? At least it's working for you now, good to know. After hearing how flimsy he is, I think I'll end up passing on Wheeljack unless some glowing reviews start coming down.

I think so far, many of the resculpts have been slightly lesser quality. Of the new sculpts, I think Grimlock and then Meister have the most parts come off, but neither are a major problem the way Wheeljack is being described, that's too bad.
shockblast kicks ***. People have complained about his head and hood not being as compatible as meister was with his, but once you figure out that the head and hood need to be lowered simultaneously, it works fine. Meister was such a good mold, shocky doesnt seem yo suffer from the same clone issues as the other remolds. i'm very pleased.