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It's not that they don't move, it's just that with the way "he" sits (on all 4 wheels) they don't roll. He sort of slides along on his undercarriage.

He's my favorite of the 3 though. I agree about Ransack, it's a wonky toy, but I hadn't bought myself a TF in soooo long... so what the heck.

I saw a few more tonight.

Hot Shot - looked like nothing special, but not bad.
Landmine - really looked like nothing special.
Thundercracker - (something about that name makes me laugh.) A decent jet figure, but nothing new or special.
Dirt Boss - Funny... I came really close to buying this one. I agree, there's something fun about it. (Next time.)
Vector Prime - I'm not sure about this one. I kind of dig it, but I'll wait a bit.
Crumplezone - I bought this one. I'll open it later and let you know what I think.
Jetfire - looks very cool, but I didn't feel like spending $30 right now. (Again, next time.)

Still waiting to see Optimus Prime and Override, which I think I'll like. I'm not wild about Red Alert, and I'm not sure about Megatron, who looks too much like the Batmobile to me. In bot mode he looks OK I suppose, but It's hard to tell just from the photos on the insert.


So what did you guys think about the first episode? Did I miss some kind of a pilot episode where they set this whole thing up, or did it really just start up with no introduction?
It seems they skipped the first 3 episodes of the Japanese-language series, so a great deal of the set-up was left behind. God only knows if they'll show those 3 episodes, but it looks like they're going to show them from 4 on. idiots.

I only bought Ransack today and I'm not so much disappointed as unimpressed. It's basically convinced me not to waste my time on this line. I heard Jetfire was a must have, though. I will personally be waiting until I play with him in person out of box, but my buddy won't stop gushing about him.