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Yeah, Vector Prime's paint job (and how it looks 10 times better in the photos) is what made me hold off. But they all look better in the photos I suppose.
I'm just not interested in that one at all. It looks way too Megazord to me. If they're gonna do "beasts" then they should just do them. None of this, "We'll slip this one in to mix things up." kind of stuff. And then there's the big club with fire on the end of it...


I saw $49.99 Starscream today, and I'm really not impressed. It looks like they took a smaller figure and enlarged it so that there was the same level of detail as a deluxe figure, but just bigger, with bigger features, etc. Very bulky and plane (no pun intended.) In this case bigger is not better, just more expensive.

Why make Starscream that big anyway?
I'd have gotten screamer if his cockpit opened and fit, I don't know, a Gi Joe figure. but it didn't and it doesn't so I won't.