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Vyn, that sucks about your Grimmy having 2 right hands! If you contact Hasbro now, there's a good chance they can get you a new one (they only replace stuff like that when they still are making them and they're in stock).

The "asterisk" line sounds too silly for me, but I'll wait and see. I really doubt that'll come out in the US though.
I was looking at some pics of the asterisk line and there are 1 or 2 I'd love to pick up. Apparently, Red Alert is a police car version of the impreza (finally, somebody was paying attention) that comes with what may be a remolded head, or could just be sideswipes head, but it doesn't look like Streak or Smokey. Sunstreaker looks like Dead End. If they DID come out in the states, I'd be all over them, but even the BT version looks cool. Once colored, detailed pics surface, I'm sure I'll be more tempted.