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I talked with Hasbro today on Transformers for quite a while.

They also swapped me out my Hound with the broken door for their display model of him. I almost got a rare production model of him during the process. But we noticed the headlights were a different color, etc. So I had to Transform mine into the Jeep and trade them for their showcase Jeep so as to keep their showcase consistent with showing each character in robot and vehicle mode. Well I was getting stumped a little without the instructions - like on how to do his feet and what moves without breaking him (by forcing anything) A 3rd guy (just another collector / customer) had to help both myself and Jeremy from Hasbro out. Another dude from Hasbro was laughing saying we'd failed the time-test.

They asked me (with no reason I'd prompted it) if I bought the repaints (ie. Grimlock, Wheeljack). I told them I did not. That I've bought 1 of each sculpt. Skids might be re-released as Ironhide in the future, and I'd been honest with them: I love the design (as Chuxter indicated - it's cool!) but I may wait and get it as Ironhide instead. (They said they are going to add flame decales to Skids in the final production piece. However the mold will not represent Rodimus Prime.)

They basically interviewed me a bit. I said I was after G1 primary characters that were featured in the cartoon show prominantly: Ironhide, BumbleBee, amongst others I forgot to mention (like Mirage, who I totally should have brought up). Volkswagon is still not budging by the way.

I told them I would buy repaints of Decepticon Jets for the Alternators line. They want to do them and they said they don't need a special occasion to do Starscream at that size in a special collectors' issue that might cost more if it's going to be on scale with the regular Alternators line.

There's more but I'm so tired. These conventions get really exhausting.

I'll post more soon.
Damn. I love the remolds. I really hope they don't decide to stop releasing other characters simply because they'd just be remolds. Or not bring over the asterisk line because collectors "wouldn't be interested."