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    Re: Transformers: Energon & Beyond

    picked up alt. ravage and broke down and opened the swindle i had bought for a friend. ravage is cool. no surprises here, but swindle is a different story. it's funny how a couple of different parts and a different head can affect the attitude of this mold. hound looks like a tool (even though he's totally cool, he's supposed to be a tool...) whereas swindle comes off bad***.

    his tires are too large to do the "stuff them back in the chest" thing, however, which just makes him appear that much different from hound.

    on that note, who here positions stuff differently on remolds? in the pix i posted a couple posts back, you can see a difference in how i position the doors on shockwave as opposed to jazz, and on silverstreak as opposed to smokescreen... now on ravage, i have him with the rocket launchers up, but on tracks i have them folded back.

    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter
    And, despite my usual good luck with Alternators, I've yet to see Swerve. Will he still be shipping when Prowl and Decepticharge come out?
    jeez, man... you're already looking for swerve... in terms of finding cool toys, i hate living in the slow south...
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