I thought it was all but confirmed that WM was dropping the line. TRU and Target still seem to be supporting it though, Target being the strongest supporter of the line.

I got too busy to review the deluxes, I'll get to them this weekend. Here's the wave 2 basics though.

TF:CY Hardtop - I think he's a dune buggy/sandrail type thing, but the actual toy doesn't sell that concept all too well. First thing I can say is that the colors are pure ***, the black, dark green and purple might have been alright by themselves, but I don't like how they look with the silver of the cockpit and the light aqua plastic is just terrible. Then there's the shape of the car, generic and boxy at the front, a painfully spartan cockpit and midsection, and thick lower legs way up in the air with wheels dangling off flat arms the back claiming to be a rear end - what's tragic is how much nicer the prototype sketch looks, more rounded and with nice flow to it, but even it had the rear end empty at the bottom. There are sculpted details, but they don't match up with other areas as some are too big and cheap-looking, adding to the mishmosh feel of this alt mode - even the wheels are simplistic and cheapo - and the "seat" in the cockpit is hardly identifiable as such. You can also plug the generic gimmick gun onto the back, it is simplistic but doesn't really subtract from the look so that's something. If the sculpt had been more refined, or the colors more realistic, or even if they hadn't left the rear end empty on the bottom, it'd be a much nicer toy, but as it is it feels like a generic robot transformer that turned into a box which they added bits onto to make it "something". Transformation here is a bit like origami, lots of folding and unfolding, bringing the entire rear end over, it's clever but certain bits are very strict about being done in the right way. Robot mode is definitely better than the alt mode, now he's like a Decepticon grunt, a frown on his face and a classic bot body without overwhelming characterized features. He looks good from a sculpting perspective, rounded head looks right, the body is well-proportioned, and there are new details in play like the wider chest and big toes; but the chestplate from the seat seems oddly simplistic, you can always see the hollow open voids on the sides of the upper arms, all 4 wheels are just hanging off the back and legs, and the rollbar halves are just hanging off the upper arms. The colorscheme torpedoes the figure pretty badly here with more aqua in play including the head, and the arms bringing a fugly gold/green color to the party - I can't imagine what they were thinking with this ugly crap. Articulation is very nice, standard head and waist, ball-jointed shoulders and hips, hinged elbows, and knees which are ball-joints that act only as hinges. His gimmick weapon is still simplistic, a simple long blaster with an odd box on the back (to accomodate the cyber key) that converts into a slightly longer blaster - it looks like they were going to make the gimmickized barrel even longer and with a bigger tip, there's room for that when stowed, but they didn't so it remains unimpressive. Bottom line, the alt mode sculpt feels like it needed another pass or 2 to get it looking nice and that rear wheel situation is very annoying, the gimmick is nothing special, the transformation is interesting, the bot is a decent grunt but suffers too much kibble, and the whole thing is ruined by a truly terrible colorscheme.

TF:CY Recon Minicon Team
- a fun set overall and a welcome return to Minicons. Both wheeled bots have an unappealing drab olive green wheel situation which is also used for Jolt's lower legs and head. Bottom line, I think this is a great little set and you just can't go too wrong here.
- - Sixspeed is the green racecar, he's the weakest design of the group but that doesn't mean he's bad, just not as cool as the other 2. Sixspeed's alt mode is bright green which would normally be awful but since he's a racecar it's not quite as bad; the car isn't as flat as other minicon racecars, and it looks more realistic this way - the clear canopy is a nice touch, and it sports decent detail. Transformation is not idiot-simple the way Vector Prime's minicon is, but it is standard minicon (and spychanger) territory; the chest won't click into place on mine but the joint is stiff enough to hold it up and close to the body. Bot mode loses a little of the detail, and gains REALLY tall shoulders which I'm not a fan of, also his arms are too close to his body -- it's not a terrible bot, standard minicon fare really except perhaps a little thicker. I don't like the face, it's like he's wearing a football helmet, I think there's tiny sculpted details within but they got lost, so he ends up looking like a smiling doofabot. Articulation is alright, standard shoulders, hips, knees, and he can look down or up. He's ok in my book, but no great shakes.
- - Jolt is the red and white helicopter, no relation to Armada's minicon of the same name and general vehicle apparently though. This Jolt is a bubble-cockpit helicopter like those from the '60s, I like his robust and complete design, he even has skids and a tiny interior. Hasbro cast the main body from the same green plastic as Sixspeed, then covered that with red paint which had to be thick, this makes it gloppy in some places; the clear bubble cockpit has white painted details. Transformation is ok, mostly just folding down parts, but rotating the cockpit is a cute twist. Bot mode is nifty, the thinner legs, rounded body, and head under glass give a slight nostalgia feel; the wide chopper blades and tail backpack are a bit too kibbly though. The cockpit plastic is a little hazy so only the silver paint on the face is viewable immediately, the rest of the head is too dark to see without getting up close and a lighter color on the plastic of the head would have cancelled this out. Jolt has ok articulation with standard hips, knees and ankles, and shoulders which can rotate and shrug inwards due to transformation. I like Jolt, he has a classic '50s robot vibe and a nice alt mode.
- - Reverb is the blue pickup truck, the medium-dark blue looks great with the yellow lights and the silver grill, he has gold paint on his windows which doesn't actually look that bad to me. The orange fists in the bed and orange rear window paint job are the only things that really stick out as odd; watch for slop on the lights and windows though, I saw plenty of sets with this. The truck is bold and beefy, not a lot of little details but a strong shape, kinda like a Chevy Avalanche but not brand-specific, the raised middle of the hood is more Dodge Ram-esque. Transformation is pretty unique, the legs are standard but the rest is all more creative, I especially dig how the arms are formed. Except for the large boots, bot mode is more like something you'd see on a deluxe and looks very keen. The little face has the most character of the trio and is painted silver. The orange rear window is now the chest, the orange takes a plain section and gives it more life as the Japanese version had less paint here and seems more plain to me. Articulation is decent, standard hips and knees, sideways-hinged shoulders (for "flapping") and hinged elbows, and his mid-torso has a transformation joint so he can lean back. I think Reverb is a great little bot and I love his transformation, I hope they use it on a larger figure soon.