Here's more pics of the Alternators packaging along with packaged shots of some new Cybertron figures:

I don't especially like the new Alternators packaging, it's not collector-friendly, the big bubble is welded to the box underneath so once you free your TF, you can't store him back in the box. Also, I don't like the Cybertron-styling in general and the Cybertron-esque character art at all. I suspect this is Hasbro saying the collector-only approach that Alternators has isn't working and they need to broaden the buyer base to keep the line going.

On the Cybertron side, I am glad to see new packaged figures, it means we'll be seeing 'em on shelves soon, and I want MORE of this line. Alternators I have gone 7 months without a new fig and I don't exactly care at this point, they have withered the line and it's disappointing; Cybertron, on the other hand, keeps getting more exciting each new wave.