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Ah, I suspected you already posted info about these when I asked you to in the Just Found LA thread.

TM Rattrap really is a mistake, did they recolor that thing at all? The only saving grace would be to have the backpack actually rotate around and the wheels removable as shields (that'd just be for cool factor). The original Rattrap figure is pretty awful though, not only was he a basic rather than a deluxe but he was an auto-changer.

I think Hasbro said they're releasing new versions of BW Primal and Megs with Cyber Keys this year, that may also be 10th anniv pieces.

I am hoping to track down SW:TF Vader today, but I'm not gonna buy Grievous until I find him on sale or something.
I did indeed!

FYI, the Transmutate part that features the lower torso and his right leg (I think it comes with Rhinox)--the leg does not rotate. It will brake off. Mine is hanging on by a thread.

Hasbro should have warned us. He, she, it looks cool, but they definitely skimped.