Define "Hasbro's style" anyway. I couldn't describe it - but I've never thought about it. Takara designs these things anyway, and Hasbro just buys them, and puts American names and packaging around them, right?
Hasbro and Takara work on the designs together, Takara makes the tooling from those designs, they co-own the line this way, Hasbro no longer strictly imports the figures like the earliest G1s.

The Hasbro Alternator style uses cripser lines, narrower vehicles, more clear plastic light elements, better-defined details, thinner windows, cleaner hinges, dyed plastics rather than cheaply-painted metal like this is, lots more obvious seams, thicker posts on side-mirrors, molded and painted brand logos, more accurate wheels and tires, an opening hood, and if they were going to do the military version (which the TOW missile launcher in that photo is from) then they wouldn't have put it on a civilian Hummer and instead have done the military hardtop version with the top hatch and properly-in-scale TOW launcher.

I thought most "real Transformers" look like crap anyway. It would be a shame if a glut of cheap-end movie product ruined the fun the rest of you guys are having with your Cyberton, Key-Master, Unicron Wars, stuff, etc. (no - I did mean that sincerely because it would affect my Alternators, too)
Cybertron is essentially over, now we're getting a year of Classics, which you seemed fairly interested in.

How long was there a Transformers void anyway?
I consider G2 to be a void. I'm no expert, but I believe '91-'93 (break between G1 and G2) to be a void in the US, a void after G2 between the end of '95 and middle of '96 (G2 to Beast Wars), 2000 had another one until Hasbro got Robots in Disguise over to US shores.

Alternators started at the end of '04