Cybertron Primus:

Primus's alt mode is Cybertron. Sort of. It's not the traditional Cybertron that has looked practicaly the same in all TF lore. Unlike Unicron, this planetoy features a built in stand, so the toy is completey round and not flat on the bottom. It looks decent in this mode, actually better than Unicron. For minicon fans, there are 4 minicon ports atop towers on the top, with a few more located around southern half. Gimmicks in this mode include two Cyberkey/Force Chip gimmicks that pop up and out cannons that are located on the equator. There's some interesting details here, like the forementioned towers and buildings what are described as "famous cities of Cybertron" on the box. There are some thin tower/spikes on the back, left and right sides that reminded me of the Energon towers from Energon ;P. I wish they could have added an obvious Iacon from MMTTE but oh well. The only huge flaw in planet mode is a hole at the top of the toy that is part of the figures transformation process. This toy features a semi-autotransform feature. (Think Armada Prime, except not electronic and annoying as hell.) Insert the Omege Lock/Chip Square at the top ( causing it to light up) and move it foward. The top will half, popping out two cannons in the process. Next, lift the hinged peice at the back, and unfold the legs from under the just revealed cannons. (There's a battelstation mode you can do at this point, but I never felt it was worth checking out.) Turn the torso 180 degrees, and flip put the "feet" at the bottom. Insert the Lock/Square into the chest and push up, popping out the head, shoulders, and arms a little bit. Pull the hands out and you are done. The robot mode, although short for a supreme figure, looks pretty impressive. The key cannons, which are how his arms, work here again, and the 2nd set of cannons can be either stored behind his back, or at his sholders. Each leg can use the lock/square to rotate the sides, flipping up more cannons on his leg and non-firing missles that can be pushed out. Each leg also has a little grapeling arm as well. The fingers and thumbs are all articulated, but the fingers look a little too long when stretched out.

This figure is pretty cool. He is short though, Metroplex is taller than him and is 10 dollars cheaper. I thought the auto transform would be annoying, but its actually kinda neat and works pretty well. While the pop up cannons are not too great ( they weren't great on Jetfire either..) he does have a generous arsenal of them. Primus is packing. Like a lot of toys from this line, this release features a lot of panel lines and details. It's going to take awhile to paint all these details, but it will be worth it when I get done. The original Tranformer is deffinately worth owning, highly recommended.