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    Cybertron Primus:

    Primus's alt mode is Cybertron. Sort of. It's not the traditional Cybertron that has looked practicaly the same in all TF lore. Unlike Unicron, this planetoy features a built in stand, so the toy is completey round and not flat on the bottom. It looks decent in this mode, actually better than Unicron. For minicon fans, there are 4 minicon ports atop towers on the top, with a few more located around southern half. Gimmicks in this mode include two Cyberkey/Force Chip gimmicks that pop up and out cannons that are located on the equator. There's some interesting details here, like the forementioned towers and buildings what are described as "famous cities of Cybertron" on the box. There are some thin tower/spikes on the back, left and right sides that reminded me of the Energon towers from Energon ;P. I wish they could have added an obvious Iacon from MMTTE but oh well. The only huge flaw in planet mode is a hole at the top of the toy that is part of the figures transformation process. This toy features a semi-autotransform feature. (Think Armada Prime, except not electronic and annoying as hell.) Insert the Omege Lock/Chip Square at the top ( causing it to light up) and move it foward. The top will half, popping out two cannons in the process. Next, lift the hinged peice at the back, and unfold the legs from under the just revealed cannons. (There's a battelstation mode you can do at this point, but I never felt it was worth checking out.) Turn the torso 180 degrees, and flip put the "feet" at the bottom. Insert the Lock/Square into the chest and push up, popping out the head, shoulders, and arms a little bit. Pull the hands out and you are done. The robot mode, although short for a supreme figure, looks pretty impressive. The key cannons, which are how his arms, work here again, and the 2nd set of cannons can be either stored behind his back, or at his sholders. Each leg can use the lock/square to rotate the sides, flipping up more cannons on his leg and non-firing missles that can be pushed out. Each leg also has a little grapeling arm as well. The fingers and thumbs are all articulated, but the fingers look a little too long when stretched out.

    This figure is pretty cool. He is short though, Metroplex is taller than him and is 10 dollars cheaper. I thought the auto transform would be annoying, but its actually kinda neat and works pretty well. While the pop up cannons are not too great ( they weren't great on Jetfire either..) he does have a generous arsenal of them. Primus is packing. Like a lot of toys from this line, this release features a lot of panel lines and details. It's going to take awhile to paint all these details, but it will be worth it when I get done. The original Tranformer is deffinately worth owning, highly recommended.

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    I haven't seen Primus yet. How much is he going for? Even if he's way off-scale, which he'd have to be, it'd be cool to display him with my Unicron.
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    Primus is about 50 bucks or so. I have read mixed reviews, ranging from "best toy ever" to "not bad", so read into that what you will. JT is the only person I know of who actively dislikes the toy, but JT is a complaining complainer who complains with this line.

    I will likely hold out for a Unicron head variant.

    DvD has a comprehensive review of Unicron.

    -posting a bit less these days, but planning a large set of reviews for next week.

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    He *is* $50. I don't "dislike" the toy, I just don't like the look enough to warrant buying it at full price.

    BTW, nice treatment of the guy doing you a favor.
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    i'd say JT is an equal opportunity complainer when it comes to any toy line

    but at least they are very well thought out complaints
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    Some Target's (the ones that had Super Starscream on clearance) will have him for a mere 12 bucks.

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    When will MP03 Starscream be out?
    BAD Pts Need: R5-C7 lf leg (x2), , R4-P44 right leg BAD Pts Offered For Trade: PM me - I have lots of parts now including BG-J38!. New Kyle Katarn is also available.

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    Nobody knows when MP03 Starscream will be out, he's still in the prototype phase, and he might get released in Japan for a while before Hasbro carts him out here.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dom
    JT is a complaining complainer who complains with this line.
    Let's look at my track record on the line:
    - LOC - not my thing, didn't love the looks of the ones I saw, so didn't buy.
    - Minicon 2packs - already have the originals, so didn't feel compelled to buy.

    - Basics:
    - - Scattorshot, graded "A".
    - - Ransack, not graded, reviewed "fairly disappointing all around", later given slightly more positive final after fix.
    - - Overhaul, not graded, reviewed "a bit disappointing at first, but grew on me in a short amount of time, his arm articulation situation is pretty annoying though, and some folks won't like him."
    - - Clocker, not graded, reviewed "I dig him but recognize his limits, 4 months later and he still is cool to me."
    - - Hardtop, not graded, reviewed "the alt mode sculpt feels like it needed another pass or 2 to get it looking nice and that rear wheel situation is very annoying, the gimmick is nothing special, the transformation is interesting, the bot is a decent grunt but suffers too much kibble, and the whole thing is ruined by a truly terrible colorscheme."
    - - Recon Mini-Con Team, not graded, reviewed "I think this is a great little set and you just can't go too wrong here."
    - - Undermine, not graded, reviewed "a decent basic, fun and interesting, dangerous in both modes, somewhat strange-looking but worthy welcome to the bad guy ranks. He's a little weird, yet fairly poseable and has lots of sculpted detail, how wrong can you go?"
    - - Brakedown, not graded, reviewed "the front-end of vehicle mode is unorthodox but Autolander rules and with his dark colors and no faction symbol is almost more believable as a Decepticon."
    - - Armorhide, not graded, reviewed "I really like Armorhide (aside from the name), he's one of my favorite basics in the line so far. His bot mode is good, his gimmick is actually pretty cool, his transformation is nifty, his colors aren't horrendous, and his alt mode looks good."
    - - Street Speed Mini-Con Team, passed since I have the Armada originals.
    - - Brushguard, can't find my full review, short version says "the lighter colors accent some of this mold's flaws (lack of details, empty shoulders) and the purple translucent parts aren't very exciting. I doubt I'd recommend it if anybody already has Overhaul."
    - - Backstop, not graded, reviewed "this is one figure to avoid except as a total goof. He looks completely silly and dopey in bot mode, he has nothing really to offer at all. I bought it so you wouldn't have to, purchase at your own peril."
    - - Wreckloose, graded "the gray area between D+ and C-", reviewed "This figure isn't awful, he's more "meh", I wouldn't recommend him but I wouldn't totally condemn him either."
    - - Swerve, not graded, reviewed "Ultimately, it's worth getting, I'd say it's a B+ whether or not you have Clocker, but I always did like the mold's overall design so your mileage may vary there."
    - - Swindle, not graded, micro-reviewed "el sucko" because of the original mold and the new colors. I suppose in retrospect I'd change that to rate what I gave Hardtop though.
    - - Lugnutz, graded "D", and I stand by that.
    - - Scrapmetal, graded "B-".
    - - Repugnus, didn't like the colors so didn't buy.
    - - Shortround, graded "C+", low grade attributed to the aqua color and wonky elbows.

    - Deluxes:
    - - Hot Shot, not graded, reviewed "he's alright, it's a decent figure if not a standout toy perhaps. Not so much fun as cool to look at."
    - - Dirt Boss, not graded, reviewed "fun and interesting, but his colors are heinous. he's a fun toy with some nifty stuff going on, but has problems and some collectors probably won't like him."
    - - Thundercracker, not graded, reviewed "has a great alt mode and bolsters the Decepticon forces, on that alone I dig him, but his gimmick is lame and his bot mode is kinda bland." (I seem to be the only person out there who likes this one at all)
    - - Landmine, not graded, reviewed "all around nifty, but not outstanding."
    - - Red Alert, not graded, reviewed "just a super keen Transformer in my eyes. I think this is a great figure, possibly my favorite in the line so far, both modes are fantastic and fun, he's got decent weaponry, and even has accessories that can be stowed under the hood. Red Alert may not be the biggest or most complex, but he is one satisfying figure and I hope he gets a worthy repaint." (IMO, he never got the worthy repaint)
    - - Override, not graded, reviewed "a very ambitious Transformer that is good but has a number of issues. Override is a decent bot and futuristic sportscar but has some frustrations because it's too much of an experiment-in-progress, it probably won't be popular with some collectors. The figure is pretty interesting, but leg situation and misfired transformations keep this one down a tad."
    - - Snarl, not graded, reviewed "Snarl is a figure I hope gets a more wolf-like repaint in the future as there's enough here that I do like the figure, but I loathe the coloring enough to push it into underwhelming, less-than-exciting territory. It's a solid figure in both modes, the best beast in the line so far, with lots to appreciate, but it could be better too."
    - - Sideways, not graded, reviewed "Sideways is really quite cool, among my top favorites [at the time]. He's a mysterious side-switching character, a sleek space plane, and a sinister-looking robot; he's also a solid toy, not fragile or floppy in either mode."
    - - 4 Armada retools, didn't buy since I had the originals.
    - - Brimstone, not graded, reviewed "I like Brimstone more than I thought I would. His colors are a crime against the sighted, and there should be more detail in the bot mode's chest and the transformation is simple, but he's pretty cool."
    - - Thunderblast,not graded, reviewed "kinda interesting, I sorta like her and she will appeal to some, but many fans will rightfully knock it for its weaknesses. If they had done all this as a Basic, it would have been easier to accept; as-is, I dig the figure but can't recommend it."
    - - Crosswise,not graded, reviewed "I really like Crosswise, he's not quite Red Alert but he's definitely up there. If the shield were removable and the door sills could be held as rifles he'd be even more awesome, plus transforming back to car mode could've been better, yet he's still quite the cool customer. He's good enough that I'll buy any reasonably-colored repaint, and I'll definitely recommend him."
    - - Cybertron Defense Hot Shot,not graded, reviewed "does for me what this line's original Hot Shot didn't, CDHS is exciting and cool. Yes the range of motion could be better and he could have more weapons, but this is a pretty tough Autobot with a solid vehicle mode, nifty weaponry, and a very cool bot mode. I like him a lot, I'd definitely recommend him."
    - - Downshift,not graded, reviewed "an odd homage but a very cool bot in his own rite and has a great alt mode which isn't hurt by the key gimmick or the external accessories. I know some fans won't like him because he has Wheeljack's head, and some won't like him because he's not super-articulated, but I think he's a pretty killer toy, Downshift is awesome."
    - - Excellion, graded "B-".
    - - Override GTS, did not buy because not different enough from the original.
    - - Cannonball, did not buy because colors don't work for me.
    - - Skywarp, did not buy because colors don't work for me.

    - Mega:
    - - Vector Prime,not graded, reviewed "he's ok, but feels $5 overpriced; probably makes a better display figure than a toy."
    - - Crumplezone, not graded, reviewed "I don't really like him that much, he grows a little messing around after accepting he isn't that great, but still not that dandy."
    - - Mudflap, not graded, reviewed "this one feels like an oversized Minicon - a clever one, but still not not exactly a $20 figure. Mudflap's alright I guess, nothing too exciting and some pretty annoying setbacks for my tastes. The exposed parts of the vehicle mode, the gimmicky but not enticing transformation, the overall feel of the bot mode, and the simplistic weapons situation seem more like a $2 Minicon than a $20 deluxe."
    - - Leobreaker, not graded, reviewed "I don't hate Leobreaker, but he's a disappointing figure and a waste of $20. Maybe if they hadn't wasted resources on electronics they could have afforded a better design with a real hand, or how about some real shoulder and leg articulation, but they didn't and the end result is underwhelming."
    - - Starscream (Mega), not graded, reviewed "he's pretty cool, hardly perfect, a solid "B" figure but not the end-all be-all." And I stand by that review, although his cool-factor may kick him up to a B+.
    - - Evac, not graded, reviewed "another very good addition to this line, outstanding without being needlessly flashy, substance over style. He's a fun toy and a cool figure, another really good Transformer and one of the best TF copters ever."
    - - Cybertron Defense Scattorshot, graded "A".
    - - Dark Crumplezone, did not buy on weaknesses of original mold, a little tempted though.
    - - Soundwave with Laserbeak, graded "B-" for a few too many issues on the Soundwave toy itself.
    - - Nemesis Breaker, haven't bought it yet, haven't decided if I will, paint looks good but Megs can't stand up with him in place.

    - Ultra:
    - - Scourge, did not buy, did not look like he was a $25-value toy, and colors didn't work for me.
    - - Jetfire, not graded, reviewed "Alt mode is decent, very very disappointing bot mode makes me dislike him."
    - - Dark Scorponok, did not buy since I have Energon original.
    - - Cybertron Defense Red Alert, not graded, reviewed "this is an awesome figure he's super-armed and ready to destroy! Uh, in the name of saving people, I mean. He's got good articulation, a tough alt mode, a wild mega-weapon, and even his regular weapon is huge, can't go wrong with Cybertron Defense Red Alert."
    - - Wing Saber, graded "B-", the hit came from weaknesses of colors, key gimmick, and tail of alt mode.
    - - Sky Shadow, did not buy based on disinterest of colors and mold.
    - - Menasor with Heavy-Load, not graded, reviewed "the vehicle mode ain't that bad, the minicon interaction there is alright, the bot looks better than I expected, and I love the minicon-in-the-chest gimmick. Even if I overlook that he doesn't exactly have hands and the electronic key gimmick is awful and the vehicle mode rear end doesn't lock down, he still has a very serious flaw in how his waist falls apart constantly and this kills the figure." (this is a positive review of a problematic figure)

    - Super:
    - - Optimus Prime, not graded, reviewed "this is my favorite Optimus Prime in a long time, since before RiD definitely, and he looks super badass and very heavily armed."
    - - Megatron, not graded, reviewed "He's no longer a living weapon which is kinda a downer and his only gun isn't that great. His car mode is too big to be fun and I hate how the bot mode's shin guards don't have anywhere to go in alt mode and just hang off the back, that and the awful color clashing somewhat ruin this figure for me even though they're not THAT big of a deal in the scheme of the fig. Neither alt mode really says "Megatron" to me, this should have been a new character or something that takes that Megatron part out of the equation somewhat. Who the hell thought black, dark gray, orange, teal, and ultra-light translucent blue was an acceptable colorscheme?!? I don't like this one very much, he's big but seems lost and certainly not a living weapon. If nothing else, the Galvatron repaint looks to greatly improve on this mess's colorscheme so I'd suggest waiting for that."
    - - Galvatron, don't have, sorta want to buy but already having Megatron and no money kills that.
    - - Metroplex with Drill Bit, did not buy, don't like the looks of anything in this set.

    - Supreme:
    - - big Starscream, did not buy, size too big for my collection and I already have the Mega version.
    - - Primus, have not bought yet, have not decided, waiting for price drop or maybe clearance due to both modes being somewhat small for a $50 figure.

    (thanks to DvD for making up a great list on his website)

    So let's review my takes on the Cybertron molds:
    - 16 Basics: 8 positives, 3 neutrals/mixed, 6 negatives, 1 no-buy.
    - 16 Deluxes: 10 positives, 3 neutrals/mixed, 3 no-buys.
    - 10 Megas: 3 positives, 3 neutrals/mixed, 2 negatives, 2 no-buys.
    - 6 Ultras: 2 positives, 1 neutrals/mixed, 1 negative, 2 no-buys.
    - 4 Supers: 1 positive, 1 negative, 2 no-buys.
    - 2 Supremes: 2 no-buys.

    Out of 54 Cybertron figures, 24 were positives, 10 were neutral or mixed, 10 were negative, and 12 were no-buys. I'd say that's a good track record, not everything in the line is perfect.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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    Cannonball rules and you know it.

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    BTW JT, you can get Megatron/Galvatron to stand up when combined with Ligerjack, or whatever. On mine, if the legs are spread out so that the leg on the combined side rests against the combiner arm, its able to support the weight so Megs stays standing up.

    TRU Exclusive Primal vs Megatron set is confirmed to be the BW Reborn set from Takara. Not sure if I want this or not.


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