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    I have seen the preview. From what I head (rumor mill), it really has nothing to do with the movie's story. It is more just so the animators can get a feel for the project.

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    Yeah, well... it doesn't show anything. It's just a teaser.

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    Wasn't even really a teaser. Just an announcement to the masses.

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    Well... you do get to see an ominous robot shadow.

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    I asked the lady from Sony BMG about the cartoon, and the GIJoe cartoon. She said they weren't ready to discuss it now, but seemed to strongly hint that they had the rights for those as well.
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    awesome chux, thanks for asking the sony BMG people about those cartoon dvd's. way to ask the questions that are on everyone's mind! i guess for now, i won't try to track down the rhino sets i'm missing.

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    Thanks to Figrin Bran's stashing, I was able to get...

    TF: Alternators Mirage - After months and months of no new Alternators molds, the long-awaited Mirage finally has made his appearance. Mirage is a Ford GT, a supercar based on the Ford GT40 racecar of the 1960s, the car that dethroned Ferrari at Le Mans. Mirage's G1 appearance was of a Formula 1 racecar, an open-wheeled, minimal-cockpit, 180mph+ racing machine; and while this new Mirage's alt mode is not a racer, its got racing heritage and a 205mph top speed, so the transition works. To me, there aren't enough exciting cars in Alternators line, so Mirage has been highly anticipated.

    Paint-Deco: 5/5
    G1 Mirage was medium blue with white, and Alt Mirage takes a similar cue using the stock Ford GT midnight blue colorscheme - a much darker metallic blue with white stripes - although another stock colorscheme, centennial white, I think would have worked better for a G1 homage, especially in robot mode. Hasbro went all-out for the deco this time, the Ford emblem is painted on the nose, the gas cap, center console, dash, and facade door hinges are painted silver, the wheels and side mirrors are chromed, the driving lamps and all windows are clear plastic with painted elements, the dark blue paint matches the dark blue plastic dead-on, it's nearly perfect; the only thing I can see missing is that the front side markers aren't orange. The trunk lid (which is at the front) has a small silver Autobot logo painted on the center intake channel which fades into the white on either side and is the only faction logo on the whole set. My one gripe would be the chrome on the wheels, it's not that evenly-applied and came chipped around the edges on every rim to varying degrees.

    Robot mode adds black, medium blue accents here and there (both painted and plastic), and gold for the eyes (like the G1 toy's eyes). Although there's a lot more white in play via the arms and upper legs, the chief color remains midnight blue. The silver on the head for the face and side-vents fits well with the look. The silver Autobot logo ends up on the upper chest panel. The 2 pistols are white plastic with blue handles, the longer one has a silver front half - I wish they had painted the guns completely silver though as the white gets visually lost next to the white forearms. The overall looks is very nice and balanced and clean, not a tremendous G1 homage yet dark and stealthy while still visable, good for a spy.

    Vehicle Mode: 5/5
    Hasbro didn't just go all out on the deco quality, the vehicle mode is astounding: nothing wobbles, nothing pops off, no gaps, no misalignment, just sheer solid accuracy right down to the GT's rear semi-floating bumper. The GT's low-slung supercar lines are well-represented here, from the airflow channels and intakes to the low-profile fender-mounted headlamps, the right fender gas cap and doors that cut into the roof, it's a fantastic representation and all very solid. There's also Alternators features: the rubber "Cybertronian Radials" tires; the front wheels turn in tandem; the front trunk lid opens (albeit with the panel that goes behind it, but that's incredibly minor); the doors open; the steering wheel turns and its column raises and lowers; the seats tilt forward; and the rear hood opens. Amazingly, the doors, trunk lid, and hood all clip down securely (very securely on the rear hood, with pegs in the back and a tab in the front, be aware), and they all open accurately with the roof panel part of the door, the trunk swinging forward, and the hood swinging backwards (though it doesn't stay upright due to the jointing, so many use the engine cage's jointing to open the hood the opposite direction since it stays open that way even though it's not accurate).

    The interiors are pretty nifty too, the trunk in the front is just as dinky as the real one and has some of its spartan details; the engine bay sports a lot of detailing even in the lid; and the cab interior looks great as well with a plastic steering wheel, rubber gear shifter and parking brake, vented seats and floor, and even detail in the roof. Except for the exhaust system, the undercarriage doesn't look that accurate, but it's solid and covered in detailing none the less except at the front end where it's robot fists partially covering a robot face. A note about the back of the undercarriage: there are 2 sets of air channels out the back, these may come flopping but they actually slide up on their pin into a locked position though, it's tough to get them pushed all the way there but worth it. On the whole, no Alternator better represents its licensed vehicle mode than Mirage's Ford GT here.

    Transformation: 3.5/5
    The transformation is complex without being very frustrating, a lot of parts move yet nothing pops off. There's a few pegs that can be a chore, but following the instructions gets you there pretty well, except the instructions tell you to fold the front fenders down without mentioning that they're pegged into the main body area, you have to pull up slightly to free them and then avoid the steering tabs when bringing the fender down. The instructions are also a bit questionable about these fold-out undercarriage panels that may be intended to lock down the trunk lid chest armor, they say the panels fold over the lid but that looks awful and doesn't fit the panels' hinge stops - I fold them over the actual trunk and then fold the lid over that. The transformation has some elegance to it but is a little busy and leaves a few questions.

    Mirage's engine splits in half with one side having the header rotate around, then both have a stock fold down.

    Transformation back to vehicle mode is a little easier, it's easy to get a little confused about how the feet go back, and you have to keep an eye on a few tabs and posts, but there's a bit more freedom to move pieces when you want to. A note of caution: the front wheels' posts line up with their steering tabs in a very specific way, make sure you get their posts lined up while you realign the front fenders so it doesn't cause a problem later.

    Bot Mode: 4/5
    Mirage is an average-height Alternators figure, he's got wide shoulders made up of the front fender halves and the rest of him tapers down into standard bot proportions with a solid core. Even though his kibble takes up a lot of extra space - those folded-down doors are way back there, the large hood ends up on his back hanging inside the cab, and the rear vehicle panels as kneepads are way out in front - he somehow gets away with his sleek look far more than he really should. The head has the vents and antennae of the G1 character, but does away with the oval shape giving Mirage a cleaner, more businesslike look; his face is a bit youthful and determined. I love that they gave him a real neck rather than just a cheap post, it's not long but it's tapered and lines up with the bottom of the head. The whole figure is chock full of sculpted detailing, even on parts where it didn't need to be like beside the neck and under the fold-out chest panels, even vents at the front of the feet. The arms and upper legs are simpler than the rest, and cast in white and mid-blue so even less to see, but there's still some details to keep it from looking plain; the arms actually taper up slightly, not Popeye-esque luckily, and the hands and forearms are blocky with slightly beveled edges - someone left "L" and "R" on the tops of the respective index fingers though.

    The knees are high up, about mid-thigh, like other recent Alternators, The feet have long, fold-out heels so he's pretty stable. The pistols can be tabbed back onto their vehicle mode slots for storage (now found on the rear outer sides of the legs) but they're meant to be held in the hands, with a peg that fits into a slot in the back of the hand, they hold very nicely but are both a little weird-looking - the longer one is offset to the left, while the shorter one's barrel points upward slightly; if you don't dig the twin guns, leave them connected and just fold down one handle, this only works in his right hand though, it doesn't peg into the hand but the fingers holds it firmly. The chest is covered by the front trunk lid and the large air channels form a "Y" shape which reminiscent of G1 Mirage's torso. Beneath the chest lid is the nose of the car, it can be flipped over to reveal a panel that with even more detailing, the instructions treat it like a waist cover, but it has hinging that lets it sit higher to cover the stomach, this is a much better look. The chest armor hangs from arms hooked into the windshield in the back, so it's easy to dislodge the plates. The doors hanging down from the shoulders, the hood inside the back, and the bumper panel halves as knees are the parts I don't like; but the rest of the look is quite cool, not too bulky yet not scrawny, solid with armor plates, and I like the fender shoulders a lot more than I expected.

    Articulation: 4/5
    Mirage has over 20 points of articulation (well over depending on how you count some of those joints): ball-jointed neck, rotating shoulders, "shrug" hinged inner shoulders, rotating mid-biceps, double-hinged elbows, ball-jointed wrists, hinged finger-sets with separate index fingers, rotating waist, universal-jointed hips, universal-jointed knees, limited-range ball-jointed ankles topped at a limited-range hinge. The head can tilt upwards about 30 degrees, and can turn far enough to look over his shoulder. The shoulders are attached to a bar with a hinge in it that lets them shrug upwards, there's a stop halfway through that tries to force you to use that spot, but you can get more than that - it's very useful for a lot of poses. The knees are high up again, but actually work alright unlike Prowl's. The sideways hinge on the univeral hips is a bit loose on mine, so check that stability before leaving Mirage in an extreme pose. The wrists' ball joints have limited range in front, but can curl the hands inwards. The heels are on hinges from transformation that are strong enough to support some more creative poses. The waist is limited by the stomach and back kibble, but can go about 10 degrees either way. He can stand on his own and take a few decent poses without giving me worry, if I feel like taking more risks with those hips, he can do some even cooler poses.

    Overall: A-
    While not without his flaws, Mirage is already among my favorite Alternators in the line due to a nigh-perfect vehicle mode, a slick bot mode, and amazing sculpted detail throughout. The vehicle mode stability is amazing in a line known for its problems in that department. The transformation scheme borrows only a little from previous Alternators, and makes it all his own. Mirage takes a little splash of G1 and then goes his own way to make something very cool. While there are a few issues, my biggest complaint is simply that Mirage didn't get released sooner to keep the line's momentum going.


    One thing that I didn't mention in the review is that there are too many blue Alternator figures now: Smokescreen, Tracks, Shockblast, Skids, and now Mirage, plus Wheeljack is nearly half blue. This would have been another good reason to go with the Centennial White paint scheme (white with blue stripes) rather than the Midnight Blue.

    Oh yeah, and for the super-sticklers, in vehicle mode the trunk lid doesn't sit quite flush, it's a couple millimeters up.
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    JT's snarkin' it up! i'm glad my stashing efforts led to a good review.

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    I got Quickmix the other day, not as good as I was hoping, but not as bad as others have feared. I'll post some more thoughts if I have time.

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    JT: silver / chrome would be a good color to use for Alternators again. I don't think since Silverstreak they've really gone that route.
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