Hey! K-Mart is the same price as Wal-Mart and Target on the Titaniums! That has to be a first. Funny enough, the only two they had were Optimus Primal and The Ark, so I'm set on the little guys.

I didn't even notice Sideswipe and Jazz were Alternators rather than G1 versions. Not a biggie. They look hella cool either way.

I'm passing on Cybertron Megatron. Beast Wars stuff I'll get, as long as they're released rather sparingly. At least they attempted to connect them to G1.

Here's a dumb question: Why did the Transformers change from Autobots and Decepticons to Maximals and Predacons? Was that ever explained in Beast Wars (which I'm not especially familiar with)? I know the frame narrative of the Dreamwave More Than Meets the Eye series explains that a Predacon criminal manages to gain access to Cybertron's central database (The Underbase? Primus? The memory banks of The Last Autobot?) and takes the name Megatron to try to establish a connection with the great Decepticon leader. But why does Optimus Primal have a basic design and name so similar to Optimus Prime? And where did the organic stuff come in? Did some sort of Pretender experiment go awry at some point?

And all the stuff about Primal "bringing back the organic element to Cybertron"--was the supposedly barren planetoid that Primus trapped himself in eons ago actually an inhabited world? (And would this explain that weird plot thread from the post-Unicron issues of the Marvel comic where nasty-looking robots emerge from the depths of the planet following the deaths of Primus and Unicron and start eating Transformers, all the while claiming "Oursss before yourssss thissss world"?)

Yeah, I'm mixing my continuities here. Deal with it.