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    I picked up TF:Classics Starscream, Bumblebee, Rodimus, & Optimus Prime. I will post about them more but I actually have to run in a few minutes.

    Dom, tell us how you really feel about that comic. I can tell it really cheesed you off because it got over twice as much coverage as most of your comic reviews.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chaddymac View Post
    There were lots and lots, just outside the checkout area.
    I wish I had read that before I went there, I had to figure it out for myself as a few figures were strewn throughout the toy aisle. I was glad to see all the TFs by checkout though, as were half the adults in the joint - nothing brings out the kid in computer geeks like Transformers at Fry's, eh?

    I am glad you dig yours, I didn't pick up Megs or Astrotrain because I am not willing to pay over retail for 'em. The others are very cool, though Starscream is my least-favorite of the bunch because of the kibble in alt mode, blocky bot mode, and milky silver plastic.

    They also had DVD Prime, what a piece of crap, that voice sounds even worse in person!

    Quote Originally Posted by seanmcfripp View Post
    What's the final word on continuing with Classics? Will Hasbro have it run along side the movie line if it's successful? If a movie sequel happens, will they keep the movie line going between films (ala SW)?
    There's no specific future for it yet, they're considering extending it due to positive reaction but that would take an extra year, it'd come after the movie toys have come and gone (that's timeline-oriented, the movie toys will probably keep coming if they decide to do more Classics).

    Quote Originally Posted by Dominic Guglieme View Post
    Optimus Prime (gorilla)

    This toy is a recolor of the BWX Optimus Primal. Over-all, I actually like this toy better. The brown color on the fur looks better than one might expect, and the fact this toy is 5 dollars cheaper will likely appeal to collectors who did not want the PVC packed with the BWX toy. The biggest problem is the uninspired character profile on the packaging.
    Grade: B Worth picking up, even if you have the BWX toy.
    Glad to hear you feel the same way about it that I do.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    Wow. We actually agree on a TF. Amazing.

    Quote Originally Posted by jt

    Dom, tell us how you really feel about that comic. I can tell it really cheesed you off because it got over twice as much coverage as most of your comic reviews.

    Swll, sure, if you ask for it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dominic Guglieme View Post
    Dawn of Futures Present
    BotCon 06 exclusive comic

    After the monumental let-down that was Hearts of
    Steel, it was nice to get exactly what I expected from
    a Transformers comic. And, when a TF comic has a
    title that is clearly trying to piggy back on an old
    arc from the Claremont years of X-Men, you can expect
    something truly awful.

    Frankly, this might be the worst Transformers comic
    I have ever read. Yes, it is worst than IDW's Beast
    Wars comic, Dreamwave's WWII comic, worse than
    Universe/Wreckers, and even worse than the club-comic.
    I could at least read those without putting the comic
    down in despair. This comic actually made me mourn
    for a fanfic that it over-wrote. (The fanfic in
    question is a CG animation thing, produced I think by
    a guy named Trent Troop.)

    Besides being completely devoid of any ideas, this
    comic is not just "stuff what happens", it is "stuff
    what happens in the stupidest possible way and for no
    reason." One such gem occurs in a contrived first
    meeting between Tigatron and Airrazor. I am assuming
    these to characters were shoe-horn-swoggled because
    the voice actors were at the convention. I would not
    have minded the characters appearing. But, the
    context was idiotic. (I actually dislike my Tigatron
    and Airrazor toys now, because I associate them with
    this garbage.) Long and short, Tigatron is a cop, and
    is pursuing the Predacons who just stole the disk. He
    attempts to commandeer Airrazors ship, on the basis
    that he *is tracking very dangerous criminals and
    everything could go to hell if he fails*. Airrazor
    says that nobody is piloting her ride (cleverly names
    "Chromia 10") but her. Tigatron then says he will get
    another ship in that case, (hey, no biggie right, he
    is just carrying out super duper important orders from
    the Maximal Council), then Airrazor says she will give
    him a ride............. Boy, it is a good thing that
    they were able to take time out to banter while
    Megatron and co were getting away.

    Later, Tigatron and Airrazor fight the Lazerbeak and
    Buzzsaw exclusives while the Axalon and Darkside
    battle over Cybertron. Then, in a bit of
    techno-jibber worthy of the worst most contrived
    fanfic, the two future Maximals have their sparks
    beamed aboard the Maximal ship at the last minute.
    Just their sparks are beamed aboard, into conveniently
    blank protoforms, because obviously Primal and co
    would have packed plenty of those aboard a ship that
    was departing for a long-term mission, rather than
    supplies or the like.

    It would have been just as easy to show Tigatron and
    Airrazor as random crew members (preferably no knowing
    each other at all) on the ship, rather than contriving
    some gibber-tale about how they just happened to be
    chasing the Predacons too.

    For all of my complaints about IDW's Beast Wars comic,
    it did not try to contrive back-story for the sake of
    playing up characters for the sake of show-casing said
    characters. Wreckers and Universe more or less read
    like a small child's play session. But they avoided
    the kind of idiotic back-story a small child would
    come up with. Dreamwave's WWII comic at least did its
    own thing, rather than try to piggy back on its source

    Grade: F There is no reason for a comic distributed
    primarly through a convention for adult collectors
    should be written at a level that could insult a
    reasonably bright 10 year old.
    In short, the comic really sucks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks View Post
    Good try, but there's the conversation in its complete glory, so unless there are multiple yous, my point was incredibly TRUE - nobody else is YOU.
    Actually you forgot the clone thing, which was my favorite part, but I'll let it slide.

    We are both saying the same thing, but looking at it at different angle. I realize I'm the only one that posts on THIS board with that view. What I meant to say, was while that I am just the only person here with this pov, go to some place like tfw2005 and you'll find there are plenty more people who watched Galaxy Force (which, btw, is infinitely superior to Cybertron in everyway if you can get past having to read subtitles). Bottom line: Box Bios get thrown in the garbage, cartoons get thrown on dvd in the long run. :P

    Why are we going back and forth on this anyway? Seems sillly.

    I also found wave one classics at work today. There is much love with Bumblebee.

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    Quote Originally Posted by matthewilw View Post got updated with buy it options for all of classics wave 1, including deluxe grimlock
    They need to take Alt Nemesis Prime off there, it angers me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    Plus, inserting these pig terds into Classics wastes several names. Snarl should be a Dinobot Stegosaurus. Overbite should be, uh, was he an obscure Pretender or a Seacon? Dreadwing is the combination of two Powermaster jets. And Thunderwing? Oh, man, that is the saddest waste of all. I'd kill to see a figure of the real Thunderwing in a Classics form that doesn't suck, but it looks like this retarded plane/kibblebot (and Autobot to boot? WTF?) has killed that chance. &
    You should be happy there are using these names, in ANY form. That way the still have the rights them, and don't lose them like they lost BumbleBee for awhile.

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    While I'm not going to argue against that, why release a character named Snarl in the Classics line if he's not a Stegosaurus? Why Thunderwing is not a weird space-jet/vampire thing?

    I didn't mean to offend anyone by bashing the MiniCons. But the MiniCons offend me by their very existence, so bash them I shall.
    That's my jacket!

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    argh, missed out on grimlock again

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    Okay, half-joking griping about MiniCons aside, here's a serious question for those of you more familiar with newer incarnations:

    Which Scorponok is the Titanium?

    I ask because I read the bio on It mentions him skirting the line between Autobot and Decepticon loyalties, much like the G1 comic version. It also mentions him making the ultimate sacrifice in battle against Unicron (and his death scene is one of the greatest single moments in the comic: "Did I do good, Prime? Did I do good?")

    But it also mentions him being reprogrammed by Megatron, which I don't recall from the G1 comic. And his claws are red, which isn't quite true to G1.

    So which line does he properly belong to?
    That's my jacket!

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    Thus far, there is no meaningful or cohesive arguement against Minicons. Aside from the set being in the Classics line, there really is nothing bad to say about 'em. (I fully agree that Minicons should not be in Classics.)

    As for Skorponock, based on the "reprogrammed by Megatron" bit, I would guess it is Energon Skorponock. The faction switching could fit with the Energon cartoon as well, if one stretches things a bit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adam View Post
    Actually you forgot the clone thing, which was my favorite part, but I'll let it slide.
    What, no wars about the clones?

    Dom is right, that is clearly Scorponok from Energon:
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.


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