More or less replying to JT.

I agree completely about decals. I hate them. (I leave them off mostly.)

I got a lead on the script, and will hopefully read it in the next few weeks. Oh, you better believe I will have some thing to say........


You're skipping it for the most arbitrary of reasons, not because the product itself isn't good but because you felt it some pieces over the past 2 years have been hard to find, because you got a few QC issues, because it's not connected directly to a TV or comic continuity, because it's not running long enough, and because you're a big baby.
Whadyomeanbaby? I am not a baby! I will show you I am not a baby!

I just do not find lookng for scarce toys (still several waves of Minicons behind in this area), and then hoping to get a good one to be fun in the least. The lack of any actual context is a deterent, as it leaves me with only a few toys, in a line that Hasbro seems to be cutting corners on. (Minicons, those lil' recolors being examples.) Classics are likely to show up in the con comics, which are awful. (Of course, I liked RiD as a line, despite hating the cartoon.)

Oh man, I cannot believe you called it out because it doesn't look like the animation - the animation is based on the toy, the animation's failure is on the animator's fault, not the toy's fault. Your eyes are not open.
Remember, in Beast Machines, the characters were designed simultaneously for both formats, as in BW. And, I can still appreciate Tankorr as a good toy. Thrust was just awful.

And, leave Nightbeat alone. He rides the flippy bit, which is more than I can say for Thrust.