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    I got a copy of a script, too, and it's different from everything you guys have said. This one takes place a couple of years ago, and a lot of core G1 characters die: Wheeljack, Windcharger, Ironhide, Ratchet, Skywarp, Starscream, even Optimus Prime! There are a lot of new characters introduced, and it's almost as if they're trying to replace the original characters. Apparently Unicron is the main villain, and there's even a scene where he rebuilds Megatron into something called Galvanizatron (I think) after Megatron kills Prime on Earth. And there's this whole scene on a planet of junk, and the leader of the junk creatures learned English from Earth TV! It sounds pretty cool, though I imagine a lot of people might get p***ed when Prime dies.
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    Picked up the TF:CY Shadow Recon Minicon Team at WM last night, it was the only new item there so I got stuck with questionable paint on Reverb. Still, I like clear figures most of the time - I think the light blue on Reverb would have looked better on Six Speed though, it looks more "clear" and would have accented Six Speed's design better, and the dark blue would have hidden some of Reverb's issues better. Both cars have clear gray wheels, this is a massive improvement over the weird solid gray-green of the first set. Reverb's black face looks better than the silver on the previous version. Six Speed's torso doesn't give me trouble this time around, that's good. Jolt is the loser of the bunch yet again, the least amount of clear plastic, and the dark blue with black is pretty dark yet you can still see how hollow he is, and it also loses his detailing - you can't even make out his head at all now, just his silver face. Nobody gets much paint, that's ok for the most part, but the windshield on Reverb is thicker copper paint on one side from the other; also, I wish they had painted Jolt's eyes something other than the silver on the rest of the face, it makes him seem like he has no eyes; and while Six Speed's head looks way better with just an eyeslit paint job, they didn't bother painting the fronts of his fists, just the tops. Strangely, the card top has a Giant Planet logo on it even though they're not from there, maybe it's because they're minicons. Anyway, the set is alright, I like the molds (although Jolt I'd only buy if he came with another figure), and I like translucent, I wish they hadn't just taken away paint apps, but mostly I like this set. Grade: B
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    Quote Originally Posted by bearer of bad news and ill tidings
    It's still possible the script you guys have is not fake, and they were using names that were changed,
    No! No! You are lying! The script is a fake!

    On another note, I recently secured an Shadow Team, and Hightail. Aside from the odd exclusive, I am done with Cybertron.

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    i did my part in helping to clear out Cybertron pegwarmers by picking up an Optimus Primal. the colors aren't that great but i never owned a single Primal from the Beast Wars line and so i figured for $8 why not?

    Rodimus seems to be the most popular seller among classics deluxe while Optimus and Megatron voyager class don't seem to stay on the shelves for very long.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks View Post
    There is nobody in the new movie named "Devastator", they are as follows: Megatron, Starscream, Blackout, Barricade, Brawl, Bonecrusher, Scorponok, and Frenzy.

    Chaddy, congrats on the Prime w/ trailer, but give more details, and how much did it cost?
    I think all told I paid $180 for the whole set, including shipping, from BBTS. "Love that Pile of Loot".

    Anyhow, it's neat because the ramp is there, but rather than be part of the back like the original, it has the double doors and the ramp is inside. the weapons have their own storage place in the trailer, but it's rather loose and they come out all the time. The feet on which the trailer halves rest on extend out so that they don't drag on the floor during truck mode. Honestly, it's just so much a part of what makes Optimus Prime who he is, I don't care if it doesn't have blinking lights. It's Prime...
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    Great post Chaddymac. It's making me strongly consider those trailer-only sets on eBay.
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    Interesting. Unfortunate, but interesting. I know I saw a few of the Takara reissue Megatrons at various mall stores (the ones that specialize in anime merchandise) that didn't appear to be modified. Wonder how they got around it?
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    I think BBTS is covering their own butts on this one, since they are a retailer and would have to eat it should customs seize their orders.

    If they can order it directly from Takara, or another Japanese outlet, (like I ordered MP03 Starscream) so can you I bet. Maybe you should be willing to lose $100, but BBTS can't take that gamble with 20 or more orders ($2,000+)

    I will wait and see how the pictures of this turn out. On one hand I like traditional Megatron, on the other hand, displaying a gun that's larger than a semi-truck is ridculous, and I'd actually prefer a fighter jet from the movie, or a tank, etc. - just something that turns into a 12" figure.
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    As some of you know, I recently came across a document that some think is a draft of the upcoming Transformers movie. My source, (bwtf's Onslaught 86), is pretty confident that this thing is legit. I disagree, on the basis that this script is so mind-blowingly bad that I doubt there is any way any script this bad could get "green-lighted" at any stage.

    Besides a plot that is vapid, contrived, and pretty much everything people deride in summer 'tard-fodder, the script is loaded with childish turns of phrase to fully emphasis the bad writing. The bad writing is nothing of not masterfully done. There are points when I half-expected to be reading "!33+ $p33k" ("leet speak" or "internet gibberslang").
    Honestly, one would have to try to write this badly. So, here are some examples of why I think this script is a fake (albeit a very funny one). (And, if I am wrong, well, I damned well better not be wrong.)
    Some people argue that the script in question is consistent with most of the leaked information about hte movie. But, that really does not mean anything. If the information was leaked, that means pretty much everyone has it, and could cobble together a faux script.

    *******possible spoiler alert**********************
    While I do not think I am talking about an actual script, some peiople may disagree. If you do not like spoilers, and are extremely paranoid, stop reading now. I will talk about some parts of the script in detail, and if this is in fact a legitimate script, there will be spoilers.
    If you do not like spoilers, and are paranoid that I have an actual script, stop now.
    ************************************************** *88

    By the second page, there are signs that this script is of dubious origins! Namely, the writer uses an exclamation point ("!") in a descriptive passage. Anybody who has made it through an undergraduate English composition class knows that ye olde exlamation point is to be avoided, especially in descriptive writing. There are, or course, limited allowances made for dialogue, or humor! But, generally, they should be avoided. And, one might hope, no matter how nail-bitingly exciting a scene may be, a *professional* script writer would be able to avoid such a mistake! Exclamations are such a staple in the descriptive parts of this script that I will not even bother noting all of the incidences.

    On page 8, there is an interesting bit of explication that looks like it was taken from a pulp novel. Bear in mind, this is a movie script, the prose is not inteneded for general consumption, and is intended to guide cast and crew more than to convey a narrative unto itself. Writing "And the damndest thing happens..." is not just childish (as the use of exclamation points it), it is contrary to the very form the writing should be taking. Even at the earliest draft stage, it is unlikely that such wording would appear in a legitimate script. Oh, and there are more exclamation points here as well!
    The classroom sequence, starting around page 10 or so, has every hack element one could hope to avoid, mixed in with foreshadowing so heavy that calling it contrived would be charitable.
    Bumblebee's introduction (starting around page 14) is either a perfect example of bad writing, or a hilarious send-up of bad writing. Besides a sequence of events that makes some of the more gratuitous elements in "Van Helsing" look intelligently written, the descriptive lines include the phrase "a Pep Boy's ten dollar attempt to look cool" when describing Bumblebee's paint job. I had no idea script writing was so ghetto.
    But, wait, there is more! We are only barely over 10% through this 112 page abomination! (There are no exclamation points here, but, there are more later.)

    Of course, referencing Pep Boys, talking about how the "damndest things" happen, and using exclamation points in description does not quite hold a candle to asking a question in description, as happens on page 17. Yup, a scene describing a character being ushered into the Pentagon has the oh so helpful phrase "What is she doing here?" to remind the cast and crew that this is big, mysterious stuff we are dealing with.
    Oh, and this character being given super-duper secret clearance is revealed to have "impulse control" issues on page 18. Um, yeah. Get it? This is an excuse for here to say conveniently stupid things. And, there is a helpful, and redundant question here as well. Right after introducing a Secretary of Defense character, the description helpfully tells the reader the following: "Maggie is now totally thrown: the Sec Def wants to talk to her?"
    (I swear to you, I am not making any of this up. But, whoever did is clearly an inspired satirist.)

    On page 28, like oh my god, the script writer like totally decides to go for the whole like totally
    "angsty teenager" style, in, like, the descriptive parts of the page. Like, when Spike is doing good with the girl, the script says, that she like, "gives him the best smile ever." Like, the best smile *ever*, like that is so kewl, right?
    On page 29, the script writer is back in there normal form. During a sequence when a boombox turns into a sneaky robot, the script helpfully tells us that "this thing is creepy", just so everyone gets the idea. Wow. Maybe they should have emphasized the point with exclamation points huh?
    Page 30: Well darn! There's an exclamation point! Phew, I thought we were not gonna see any more of those.
    On page 37, after several more appearances by the exclamation point fairy, the script gets complicated again. While a burrowing Transformer bumps into a rooted telephone pole, the script poses the key question (as part of the description), "HOW DID THAT FALL?" Truly the key question of the scene. Oh, and do not worry, if you get distracted by the deep question, there are plenty of exclamation points to draw you back in and remind you what is important!
    On page 39, we learn that it is possible to make collect calls to the Pentagon's emergency line from an unknown cell-phone in the Gulf.
    Following what the script calls (in one complete unto itself sentence) "An eye-searing explosion!", we discover that hight temperature ammunition is like kryptonite to transformers. (This is important. Remember it. I am totally serious here.) (page 41)

    On page 43, we are treated to the antics of a gratuitously flatulent mastiff. (And, this does not even begin to hint at Bumblebee's antics later on.)
    By page 50, the script writer has to find a new way to tell readers when something important happens. MULTIPLE EXCLAMATION POINTS!!! Yup.
    Things get considerably more prosiac by page 54. When Bumblebee takes a new form, the script writer limits themselves to one exclamation point, and is able to convey the full import of the scene in a single word sentence. "*****in."

    Okay, remember how I told you that the hot ammunition was important on page 41? Pay dirt. Here on page 57, we are treated to Tranformers landing, from orbit, as their own atmospheric entry vehicles. Miraculously, these same robots who have a demonstrable weakness when dealing with hot bullets safely land from orbit, none the worse for wear. It is a good thing at least one of them managed to land in a back-yard pool, because that would cool him off.

    continued on next page


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