My MySpace TF Group has turned up pictures of transforming cameras, PS1 controllers, and cell phones. I posted the alt forms here. To see .gifs of these moving and transforming, go to:

I think the could be from the movie (non characters, given the Spark, as a result of a misfire from The Matrix - well they call it an energon cube in the script I read). In any event, all 3 of these items have microchip technology. It could allow a Maximum Overdrive scenerio. You won't see an iron or a charcoal grill suddenly attack in the movie. But the script did describe a plasma television suddenly attacking someone in Target in the storyline I read. That could be scary because I once had a plasma television take nearly everything I had in my wallet while I was at Frey's. It's still around here, stalking me, and often holds me hostage in my living room, forcing me to watch the movies I post about here in the forums.

Anyway, I have a finished shot of the CGI Scorponok with the actors in the opening scene of the movie, which I'll post in the movie thread. (TV / Movies / Other Non-Star Wars)

Here's the Alt modes for the new toy pics.