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Even at $30, I still wouldn't want the Ultimate BB. At the risk of sounding like Tycho, he's not to scale with any of my other TF's and I don't like BB that much that this would be a must have for me.
And you'll need to get that discount so you can spend $60 and get 2 of them so you won't have to change the one you have from robot to car and back again.

It's like I've been explaining to you guys: Transformers are not made to be transformed. It's better to buy real Transformers, because they CAN be transformed, but that doesn't mean you have to do it. If you get 2 of your favorite ones, you can display them in each mode and not chance breaking them or loosening their parts.

I'd say there are a few that actually ARE safe to play with - such as Leader Class Optimus Prime - or Scorponok (but it's pointless to transform him anyway). Masterpiece (20th Anniversary) Optimus Prime is also a really solid toy and can withstand being played with.

But hear me out: all Hasbro has to do is sell cases of these to Target, Toys R Us, and Wal-Mart, and those stores will keep ordering them as long as the cases sell through. If the toys break (especially after your return priviledges expire) they get to sell you another one, as most people won't take it up with Hasbro, and the item might not loosen up or break before your return priviledge expires.

I know I sound crazy buying duplicate Transformers so I don't have to transform them, but I'm going to start making sense when you break your toys and have no one to cry to.

With Ultimate BumbleBee, I've seen him and played with him loose now, but I was not convinced it'd be a good purchase for me - and yeah, the size / scale is also inconvenient like Figrin pointed out. If they made an Ultimate Barricade, perhaps I'd be all over both of them. That'd be pretty cool actually, with flashing police lights and strobing headlamps, not to mention having a Transformer that calls you "a Ladiesman" because that's not going to happen in real life.

But there you go. That's how it is. Until all are one.