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    If I ever see one (aside from in a display case), I might let y'all know if I like it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks View Post
    Who the hell doesn't like this figure? TF fans annoy me sometimes, this is an awesome figure. We may not agree on how many nits to pick, but it's not in question here that I know of.
    Well, I've been reading more than my share of utterly ridiculous statements over on the Tformers forums. Aside from unfounded Powerglide gripes "no minibot deserves this sort of treatment!", I've also read through a thread where people were crying sour grapes over the amount of space that retailers were devoting to SW CW and Legacy.

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    I want to get Powerglide!
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    I saw Onslaught and Powerglide at TRU today, but couldn't buy them quite yet. Onslaught looks pretty sweet.

    I hear that Leader Ultra Magnus is out too.

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    I've now seen all the Universe that are out to date, but I can't afford them. I have a buddy who's is willing to trade me an Onslaught for my Cybertron Jetfire, but I don't see that happening, as My Cybertron collection is the only one I've completed to date. It's also one of my favorite lines.

    I must say that Onslaught is pretty darn sweet looking though, and I do plan to pick him up when I can.

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    I found ultra silverbolt today at a local target. I had bee waiting to see this one in person to decide but today I decided to pass. I only want him for his alt. mode and even that isn't worth $25 to me. I did find a ton of the target exclusive premium starscream for $13 though.
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    I asked my Toys R Us employees for help. Several of them REALLY know Transformers well and buy them, also.

    Our store has not YET received shipments with Powerglide! He has not come in at all!

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    Well, the employee at Burbank TRU we code named "Dazed and Confused" knows Transformers well. That doesn't mean he's a great guy.

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    Any LA hunters seen Grimlock recently? He's the only Animated fig in release that I haven't seen yet. And, with that in mind, anyone seen Silverbolt yet?
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    No Grimlock around here lately. Picked up TFA Jazz and Soundwave though...

    Soundwave - I kinda dig the alt modes here, even the Tron-esque trim coloring and G1 homages. Transformation is an ugly affair with a nifty touch here and there. Bot mode is a huge disappointment, head and body just don't deliver that well, articulation is a mixed bag, and he's super short. Laserbeak is nifty, but when you have Soundwave playing the guitar, all is forgiven, he's a rad shredder! So, ****ty bot mode but fun gimmick.

    Jazz - very tiny alt mode but lots of character in it, however door panels don't align quite right with the body all the time. Transformation isn't entirely simple, but feels kinda boring. Bot mode is keen, has good articulation and the nunchuck pipe weapons are cool. Head feels a little simplistic even for this line, but generally this is a decent fig.

    I've been hearing a lot of love for Onslaught over Powerglide, and honestly I think that is some ridiculous noise. Onslaught's bot mode is heavily lacking in detail, it's an ok set but it's a tad flawed. Powerglide pretty much rules.
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