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    I saw the Animated Swoop in Target the other day. He looked pretty cool.

    If I didn't have too many toys already, I'd probably collect a lot of the animated line.

    There's some nice stuff. Leader Class Megatron and Voyager Starscream are still the most tempting for me in the animated. Although I really like Jazz.

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    I just got shipping notice from HTS for Swoop and Sentinel. I'm shocked that they're actually "in stock" and coming out to me so soon. No backorders, no order cancellations, what's going on HTS?

    With my luck though, I'll probably find both at retail this weekend. However, they've been slow to restock on TFA deluxes lately and I got tired of seeing the same old Oil Slicks at my local stores.

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    I REALLY want to order them from HTS, but can't get the AAA discount to work. And, call me cheap (because I am) but the only way I WON'T feel bad if I see them in stores this weekend is if I get free shipping. And the %15 discount always JUST covers the shipping charge. But then again, you probably read about me complaining in the LA Just Found Thread, so I'll shuttup now.

    Anyone collecting the Joe DVD gift sets? I'm trying to decide if they're as cool as they seem - they keep catching my eye when I go to TRU.
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    Four figures (or three figures and a Weather Dominator), a (roughly) 100-minute DVD of classic 'toons, and a MASS Device component for $20? They're the best bargain Hasbro has released in ages.

    Plus, they're the only way to get Diver Baroness, classic Serpentor, Dusty, Alpine, Quick-Kick, and a Lady Jaye that doesn't suck.
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    Damn. Where can I go to look at the other sets? I am SO not a Joe guy, at least not since 92.
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    Only two are out now. The other three will be forthcoming later this year.
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    The AAA discount isn't working for me either, and without it, I'm not ordering anything from HTS unless I can save on shipping.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks View Post
    The AAA discount isn't working for me either, and without it, I'm not ordering anything from HTS unless I can save on shipping.

    Back to GI Joe - are there images of the upcoming sets?
    All Hail Darth Schmitsky!

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    Er.. anyways back to TF stuff. :P

    I think these originally showed up on tfw2005 but I'm having trouble accessing that site so here we go. First looks at Ultra Bruticus (a RiD reference *gasp*) and Voyager Vector Prime. And some new robot heroes I think. Inferno looks better preportioned in this shot as well.

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    I definitely want Inferno, Hound, Cyclonus and animated Blurr. Cheetor is quite disappointing though and I might just stick with my BW Cheetors.


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