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BW Dinobot, Armada Hot Shot, and Disneyized Mickey Prime all look very cool:


I would have liked to see some semblance of Hot Shot's shoulder weapon given another chance though.

I love how they Disneyized the Optimus Prime truck w/ trailer mode, that looks spot on. A bit shellmastery, but I'll still get it.

I said the same on my board and a couple of 'em jumped down my throat. Apparently the designer for Onslaught wanted him to be real big, though why he didn't design a better figure with more detail and complex transformation to get there is beyond me.

I saw Swoop at Culver City Target recently, but I don't care too much about the Animated Dinobots.

Because it's $140 and has a simplistic transformation and isn't out yet.

Why would anybody bother blurring out that site's url? It's still right there messing up the pic. Some sites can be so rude.

"Why don't you win the lottery too?" You find him for me and I'll have him, I've been looking, he's hard to find despite the blue face being corrected soon and rather mixed reviews on all the sites out there.

"Give" you say? I don't pay full price for opened figures, it's one of my collecting rules. But if you're displeased, maybe we could work something out.

Geez, I'm sorry I passed on Silverstreak now, you guys are praising it to high heaven! I didn't like the Prowl mold that much, colors aside, so I figured why bother... now I'm regretting that. Of course, my opportunity was through HTS who hasn't gotten me half my friggin' order still.
I meant I'd "give you" my review, not the figure. I may not love him, but I still paid for him :-)