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    Yeah, we haven't seen Wasp's evolution into Waspinator yet. We've only seen his Cybertron mode, which is exactly like Bumblebee's cybertron mode, only green. I was hoping we'd get a Cybertron Wasp so we could recolor him as Bumblebee, but alas - twas not to be.

    That's a great episode, btw ("Autoboot Camp" was the name, I believe).
    All Hail Darth Schmitsky!

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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    Pretty much his simplicity.
    To me, that's a giant negative.

    He's well-articulated (not the best, but quite poseable), and a striking update of the original character. The transformation doesn't suffer for this, and his plane mode is nice--again, not the best in and of itself, but better than the original (who was one of the best of the time).
    How could his transformation suffer when he's a box under the plane?

    I like most that I could figure him out rather easily without the useless Hasbro instruction sheet (I've pretty much given up on using them, as they're more confusing than anything else), and could just switch him back and forth at any time. A lot like the classic Transformers. Some of the smaller Classics figures have been like this, but most of the larger ones are kinda a pain to convert.
    Hmm, seems like what you like about it is it's a little better than the oldschool one but not anything like the modern TF. To me, that's a drawback, so I will stay away from this one. Thanks for the 411 tho'.

    Quote Originally Posted by figrin bran View Post
    I guess I'll be getting Universe Dinobot and Smokescreen. It looks like D-bot still has belly kibble in dino mode, though at least it's not the rib cage grill that's on all the BW versions.
    Yeah, I saw that kibble and thought "WTF?!?". Maybe those forearm claws are removable though.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    I got Silverbolt (with correct accessories), Blades, and Blaster yesterday.

    Silverbolt is amazing. The transformation remains simple, but the figure is a masterpiece.

    Can't say the same for Blaster, and I've not opened Blades. I think I might pass on all subsequent Universe figures that are existing molds repainted to look like G1 characters. Blaster is really quite disappointing.
    I'm not really interested in any of the Cybertron repaints becuase I have all the Cybertron figures. The irony there is when Universe came out the first time, I remember wishing they'd use some better molds. No that they have I don't want any of them.

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    Animated Skywarp and Shockwave are listed as "in stock" at HTS. The "MDCREW" code will save you 20% though it does not include shipping.

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    When I meant that Smokescreen looked off, I was referring to his colors. I think its the photoshopage going on, but something about it doesn't sit well with me. I'm sure the actual product will look fine.

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    Someone with more money than I is going to have to take this and repaint it into G1 Roadbuster.

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    What it would take to interest me in Transformers (TOYS) again:

    From Michael Bay's movie:

    LC Starscream (probably a TF2 product anyway)
    LC Blackout
    LC Bonecrusher (with removeable head)

    Mini-Con (transformable) Frenzy (converts to boombox)

    The return of Alternators and:

    Alt Camaro BumbleBee
    Alt Solstace Jazz (not really necessary)
    Alt (Deluxe Alt?) Topkick Ironhide
    Alt (Deluxe Alt?) Hummer Ratchet

    Takara Masterpiece

    Michael Bay Optimus Prime
    Michael Bay F-22 Starscream

    Life-size Doc Johnson-made Mikaela (Megan Fox) blow-up doll

    12" Hasbro Michael Bay action figure transforms into douche - works as combiner with Megan Fox doll

    In any event, I need more cool Decepticons. Suggestions for Masterpieces? How about a MP Triple Changer like Blitzwing or Astrotrain?

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    I got shipping notice from HTS for my Animated Shockwave so I should have him within a few days.

    I used my final McDonald's coupon on Animated Ultra Magnus. He was actually a bit tough to transform thanks to some very tight hinges though I'd take those any day over ultra loose joints and hinges *ahemTransformersUniversedeluxes*

    I did notice at Target that the aforementioned Transformers Universe deluxes are now NCF. Which might mean they aren't on the next planogram????

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    The DPCI could just be changing. They may be marking the 25th Anniversary stuff under a new DPCI for some reason. I'll have to check my store next time I'm up there.

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    Animated Shockwave/Longarm arrived today!

    He is everything that TFU Galvatron should have been. The chest insignia can flip from Autobot to Decepticon which I thought was a nice touch. And for once, the light piping works rather well on the red eye.


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