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Oh man, sucks that you had to pay TRU's 10.99 price to find all of that out. Even paying $7.77 myself, I was still disappointed. A "C" seems rather generous in my opinion.
Wow, you are close to failing it, there's nothing about it you like? Dang, that's extreme.

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TFW2005 posted some comparison pictures of MP Grimlock next to MP Prime.

Unfortunately, in robot mode, Grimlock is a head shorter than Prime. WTF?!

This is one of those moments when the ball was dropped.

Dinosaur mode does suggest that Grimlock is bigger in this form, but I'm nevertheless disappointed.

Did any of you have the Shogun Warriors action figures when you were kids? They were huge - like 26" figures or something: Mazinga shot 5 missiles from his hand and had a lazer sword. However, Godzilla was one of the Shogun Warriors. A lever on his neck made him flick out a tongue with fire painted on it, and his right paw would shoot off like a missile for "extra Godzilla punch-power." Other than that, Godzilla was big, green and poseable.

I had hopes that Grimlock could be about this big himself. It's a Masterpiece, so "so what" if we have to pay $200 for it to be the right size. Medicom sells Star Wars 11" figures for almost that much ($150). And a Transformer that actually does something isn't worth more? c'mon!
Yeah, I think TakaraTomy has lost sight of what Masterpiece means. Starscream is pretty small, Megatron is pretty skinny, and Grimlock is pretty expensive.
I'm not sure I would want a Shogun Warriors-sized one, they were 2 feet tall and had only 2 points of articulation usually (shoulder left and shoulder right), they were hollow vinyl and had limited play potential. But Grimlock should be bigger than Op, that's just KNOWN.

I cannot believe how repaint-crazy some of you guys are going.