Ratbat is their big addition? Pretty lame! That's a TF SDCC exclusive I can pass on, it's not looking good for exclusives this year.

Picked up the Target exclusive 2-pack, TFA Shockwave & Bumblebee - Shockwave is a G1 purple repaint of the previous animated figure, while BB is a straight reissue of the Activators figure. BB is a good addition here, great scale going on, but kinda so-so as a stand-alone toy, too simplistic of a transformation and arms are a let-down. Shockwave is very cool spy character, as the Autobot "Longarm" he has a "not much of a mode" crane alt mode and an ok bot mode (though the lack of a moving head is a drawback). Transformation into his true Decepticon mode is very cool though, the tank is only a little less cheaty of an alt mode but gets byon the basics, while the bot mode is very cool, a lenthened version of the other guy but with different hands, face, legs, even the torso has a change. This bot is very lanky, yet looks like he'd be tough. A decent set.

Where did you find Shockwave for $5? I didn't pay for mine, it was a gift, but that's a heck of a deal, I'd buy the Sunstorm probably.