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JediTricks, I opened Voyager Megs earlier this afternoon. Here are my thoughts:

I really like him. He is not a perfect toy by any means, but for the Voyager pricepoint, he really works. The thing I like most about him (and this is just something I like personally) is his green and silver fading. The coloring on him makes his details really stand out.


There is some kibble on his back when you have him in robot mode. The wings from tank mode fold back, so they are exposed back there when you have him standing up. That is only noticable when you have him posed to the side though, so its not an issue.

For a Voyager toy, his proportions are very good, and his gimmicks don't really get in the way. This helps to make for better posing as well.

Overall I would give it an 8 out of 10.
Thanks for the info. I ended up buying him as well and will post my review in a moment.

As far as transformation, it was fairly easy. I had a little bit of trouble getting him back into tank mode because a couple of the tabs on his legs were tough to line up, but it wasn't time consuming at all.
You mean the ONLY tabs on the whole toy?

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It apparently applies to all of the original 13 (including Vector Prime) as well as Unicron and Primus. It IS pretty goofy, and ultimately confusing.
NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Vector Prime, really? He suuuucked! Primus and Unicron I can accept, but VP? That guy was so lame. And now they're different roles in different universes with the movie making The Fallen pretty different, but it's the same guy from the other universe? And they've killed Unicron twice yet without mention he just springs back, does that mean all of the original 13 are immortal across dimensions? Man this is a mess.

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So Thrust is coming to the movie line as a repaint of Breakaway. Now there's a toy I might buy depending on how compatible he might be with Universe seekers.
I feel dirty for considering that Thrust figure after such a disappointment with Breakaway, but I'll probably buy it anyway because the head and colors and new wings.

Target exclusive Superion has been really tempting to pick up everytime I'm at Target but he seems too puny. And at the risk of sounding like Tycho, if the planes were deluxes, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.
I have the originals of that mold, it's fun but not outstanding. Still, the set looks decent and is an ACTUAL combiner unlike Devastator, so if you have the funds and don't have the original, you may wanna check it out.

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I opened and transformed Rampage (the bulldozer) today. I am somewhat disappointed.

This is not a fun toy.
This is what I told you when I brought him to your place, but you and Halley were like "but he looks cool, I like him". I decided not to press the issue.

Once you've monkeyed with him enough, the only parts that come off regularly are the dozer blade halves and even that is manageable. However, the chest pistons regularly flop about even when you lock it down in either mode (robot mode doesn't lock so much as wedge).

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Oooh I forgot that was coming. I am actually kinda of tempted to use this to replace the botcon Thrust I never got, kinda like how Titanium Thundercracker stands in the for Classics verson. How much are they this time around? Last Titaniums were like $20 bucks at Toys'R Us.
Oops, I forgot to check the price. I saw them at Target as well, Thrust and Hot Zone. They are $21 on the website.

So, here's my Voy Megs review:

I had wanted a Megatron figure to go at least against my m1 Voy Prime.

Alt mode:
Megatron is a cybertronian tank, which means he's got treads and a cannon and is otherwise a big tangled mess of plates - oh, and Megatron's head at the very front between the treads peeking out behind a cage. Adding to the mix are jet elements, there are thrusters and stubby wings; the rear of the vehicle seems to be large jet engines, but they are mainly hollow and look more like closed, spring-loaded feet (and yet they aren't). Sculpted details are plenty, but feel a little shallow. The tank's overall look is wide and sleek and round, it borrows more than a little from Batman Begins' The Tumbler, especially the front end. The cannon pivots up and down, and can rotate on its Z-axis so it could look left or right as well (but not up at the same time). The whole thing rolls on 4 small wheels under the treads, minimal ground clearance but the wheels do roll. And the vehicle is fairly solid.

That all sounds good, right? Well, unfortunately, all is not paradise. While exciting at first look, a closer inspection reveals some ugly truths, the greebles on the front of the cannon are warped and its red projectile looks like a club, there are big cuts into the tops of the larger set of tank treads, the whole thing is slightly off-center and not in an intentional manner, a lot of the look comes from 2 panels on arms floating out at the front, and the vehicle mode is mainly a single big shell piece sitting on top of a robot doing a yoga pose. The color is a grayish, greenish, bluish affair with a few touches of a mettalic version of that (which looks a lot better than the plastic version), lots of black, a little silver, gold, and red translucent accents. The silver is sprayed only in a few places as a true accent, and there just isn't enough to go around.

All in all, I like the alt mode for how it looks and what it's trying to be (fast flying tank? cool), but I am frustrated by what it truly is, which shows when you keep looking at it.

Surprisingly, the shell is held on by just 2 pegs on either side into the tenuously-attached treads, unpeg them and the once-solid tank is now ready to flop apart by your command. It's a rather basic transformation, rotate the treads around and fold a few ways, fold the shoulders out, flop up the back kibble, and rearrange the neck a little. There's just not enough going on for a $20 figure. And considering how little is going on, why have the backpack vague or leave no stops for the toes or right shoulder? And I really hate how the right arm just folds around like Megs is holding it behind his back in alt mode, very lazy.

Robot mode:
This is a small voyager-class figure, putting him next to voy OP is embarrassing, Megatron is over a head shorter, standing just 6.5" tall. On his own merits, it's more silver spray on gray-green, a few bland gray plastic joints and such, a moderately-detailed chest with a lot of cutaways, a giant right arm, a tiny left arm, digitigrade tank tread legs, and a wide backpack/cape that used to be a flying tank. The whole robot mode looks simplistic, like a FAB or something designed for younger kids who won't be dropping $22 on this thing. A Decepticon logo ends up on his right front thigh armor, it feels out of place. Megs gains an uncovered face of sloppily-applied silver, gold, the gray-green plastic, and red. The face is a little more recognizable than the M1 version, but it looks like he's smiling which is offputting (he's actually got a mouth full of pointy teeth and then it's supposed to be separate plates next to that, but the cuts look smiley), the eyes have the eyebrow line, and the eyes, mouth, and sides of the face are light-piped. The figure is designed to sit the head right onto the body with no neck, which makes him look more kiddified, but it can be raised up to look acceptable. The left arm is the tank cannon, and it's small with the cannon opening vaguely pretending to be robot fingers. The right arm is a big, vaguely crab-like affair that's sculpted to be a cannon with a big movable crab-thumb, but the cannon is a tad underwhelming. The chest is pointy things with a few small cutaways revealing caramel gearing inside. The body tapers down to the waist, and then the hips and legs are uniformly big and chunky and limited in detail. The thigh armor is made up of spring-loaded panels front and back, the leg itself is the fatter tread now bent in the middle ending at a separate toe piece, and with the smaller tread jutting out the back as a heel. I like the tread-legs, it's what sold me on the whole concept really, but it doesn't quite impress as much in person, and the toes far too often end up flipping up which looks silly.

The back has a big hollow near the top that's ineptly covered by the face-cage halves. There is a shameless amount of backpack shell attached by a hinged panel to the lower back, which officially folds halfway up to stick far out and fold back on either side. The official Hasbro instructions say to fold the backpack shell halves all the way back, leaving you with more backpack than figure. If you fold out the sides back out, you could call this a cape, it juts out about 30 degrees back like a cape in the wind, but it reveals how little of an actual torso is there. You can fiddle with it so that the backpack sits up as high as it goes and closer to the body, this is "angry winged" mode I guess and it works for that, adds a lot of width and bulk and danger, as well as bringing the cape closer, but it's still blatantly a big piece of kibble. Honestly, the best thing to do is leave it where it started, fold the sides partway back, giving you a cape that holds against the body and hiding Megs' lack of back. The alt-mode "tongue" which normally would fold all the way into the cape can be used to hold the cape upright in any of the 3 positions by folding into the back gap.

Mech Alive:
The inside of both biceps is cut away to reveal the internal peg's details, which change as you rotate them, but this gimmick is pretty flat. The main MA gimmick is that when you turn the waist, the caramel gears in the chest all rotate. To me, this is just stupid, it requires peering into Megatron's chest to see it, and all you get is some over-scaled gears turning and an obviously hollow chest that cheapens the figure. Finally, there's the right arm, straighten the elbow and from his cannon forearm folds a blade. It's a nifty exercise, but the end result is a rather underwhelming green-gray plastic blade with silver spray on some thin supports. I think the biggest problem is that the blade itself is not much to look at, they gave it the same sculpt as the rest of the arm, and the angle makes it seem underwhelming. So it's more fun to scissor out than actually leave out. If I didn't mention before, the left arm is a spring-loaded missile launcher, the missile translucent red and has a bit of a scepter thing going on, but not really in an exciting way.

Megs is fairly articulated, but not in a satisfying way. The head sits flat and officially has no articulation, but raise up the neck and he has a semi-limited ball joint on a hinge giving him a decent range of motion (just don't raise the neck too high or it looks terrible). The shoulders are universal joints, but they end up rotating on transformation joints more than on official robot shoulder joints, making him look odd. Upper arms swivel, elbows hinge (the right elbow hinges all the way to 155 degrees, it looks cool, and it's a generous ratchet so it's easy to have sword out or sword in at any angle), the right thumb is hinged. Waist rotates, backpack is on a dual-hinge plate and has hinges just off the center panel with a few movable winglets here and there. Hips are universal joints, ratcheting sideways and "frontways". The upper thigh rotates, and the digitigrade knees are on limited hinges backwards. The leg articulation doesn't work well with the rest of the figure thanks to limited range and non-movable heels, so ultimately Megs isn't all that poseable.

Overall: C
There's something about every aspect of this figure that says "almost". The tank looks exciting at first but doesn't have much going on. The transformation is bland and way too simplistic. Robot mode is small and not impressive, looking more like a kiddie toy than a $22 Transformer. The bot mode is saddled with odd proportions and a big backpack of kibble, underwhelming moving gimmicks and detailing, and suffers weak articulation. I guess he could be somewhat menacing when put next to smaller figures, but the lower body doesn't share that opinion. The deco isn't hideous, it's cold but it's not silver enough, so while it works in tank mode, it's pretty bland and underwhelming in robot mode. "Underwhelming" seems to be this figure's mantra, it's not horrible, just not good either.