Scavenger - way too big. I think that a 7-vehicle team could have averted this problem.

Mixmaster - again, way too big.

Long Haul - way too SMALL! This dumptruck should be huge - larger than Mixmaster's cement mixer, I'd think. Instead he's Deluxe size when at least the standard figure is a Voyager.

HighTower - wasn't he in Police Academy? Well, he's fine. I'd say that either a Deluxe or Voyager would satisfy him having an individual figure. Probably a Voyager would work.

Scrapper - he's too big. This should be a Deluxe figure if he gets an idividual one made.

Rampage - he's fine. His Deluxe figure is also about right.

I'd have had Long Haul form an arm of Devastator if they were going to make him so big. They have claws for hands underneath HighTower. They could have done the same with Long Haul if they wanted Devastator's arms to be bigger than his legs (sort of ape-like if you ask me). But then the movie and toy designs wouldn't correlate.

The Legends Class Mudflap (and later to be released Skids) are the correct size to fight Devastator. The Deluxe would be too large, except next to Scavenger and Mixmaster.

Devastator only looks to be assembled in the packaging. He's not. Which makes him easier (cough-cough) to remove from the box.

I have now transformed all the components to vehicles. They are really, really simple transformations probably with the intentions that a child could do it, and not just one of those 35-year-olds-going on 5 years old who might splurge to buy this thing.

Overall I don't regret my purchase, but I'm not as excited about it as Human Alliance BumbleBee or Leader Class ROTF Optimus Prime.