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Scalpel: holy crap is this thing wild! It comes mistransformed in bot mode, a rather disappointing affair to be quite honest. Transforming back to microscope mode is a lot of "really?!?" but then it works (except for the housing halves that become the thorax, they pop off too easily and often), and you begin to see how friggin' crazy this guy really is. It's only once you get where stuff is supposed to go, how it folds away, what it does, where it couldn't be, and what the microscope becomes that you realize there's more going on. The microscope is great too, but then it's really transforming time, and time to throw away the instructions while you're at it because they're just dead wrong. The real bot that results is a bizarre, poorly-articulated, evil mantis of a robot, but he can really stand, he is fairly stable, and he's just indescribable. Definitely not for most collectors though.
I've seen Scalpel several times and have picked him up. All times I have ended up setting him back down. The microscope mode is the only thing I htought that looks good.

Speaking of techinical transformers, JT you added a while ago actual working objects that transform, i.e. usb card to ravage and mouse to grimlock. Do you know when or if the U.S. will see these items?