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looking forward to getting the Human Alliance version of Skids
Me too. When is that supposed to be coming out?

SideSwipe is becoming ever more present in the stores.

I'm still tempted to buy 2nd figures of both him and BumbleBee to have one displayed in each mode, but it's not all that necessary.

I'm also eager to see pictures of the first Decepticon, Barricade with Frenzy!

I've never seen what that set is going to look like.

At Comic Con, Hasbro said they will continue with Mudflap and Simmons.

I'm hoping they'll take it further and do Sideways with Alice, Rampage with Ron Witwicky (prisoner), and maybe go all out and make Ironhide with Lennox.

More Decepticons would always be appreciated, too. Maybe Wheelie could be included as the mini-figure with one of them?