Yes, this is the first alt mode for Arcee that's a car (which isn't a lame Japanese repaint of a male Alternators figure). It's also the first bot mode for Arcee that looks even remotely like the G1 movie. Both are thanks to the gang who worked on Transformers: Animated, both on the entertainment and toy side, they worked together to get this one done right.

Arcee has been a dedicated (rather than repainted) figure 3 times prior:
- Energon, as a motorcycle
- Movie 1, as a motorcycle
- Movie 2, as a motorcycle

There's also been a Botcon repaint of Beast Wars TM2 Blackarachnia (minus her chest armor), the aforementioned Japanese Alternators repaint from Decepticharge/Windcharger, a PVC mini-figure that didn't do anything, an Attacktix figure, and tragically a canceled Titanium Series 6" figure with thunder-thighs.