Found Drift at TRU Los Feliz today along with Seaspray and Starscream, but my wallet couldn't handle more than Drift.

Drift's alt mode is a bit of an elongated Japanese-style sports car, no real direct car that I can tell though, but the lines remind me of a few of the late '90s cars, maybe a Nissan Skyline with a little more swoop. It's a little off to me, either not wide enough or too long, it's ok but doesn't blow my mind. The hood seams are too obvious, and on mine they gap enough to distract. The white plastic color doesn't work without a wash too well, very plain even with the red rising sun-inspired paint job (which disappears pretty early). The blue front and side windows being transparent kinda works, kinda shows off a piece of interior that changes the whole look, makes it seem like a big B-pillar, I think they should have gone frosted or even opaque like the painted rear window. The long sword clips to the underside of the car very close to the ground.

Transformation is fairly standard fare really. I do like the side windows folding down for once rather than remaining kibble, that usually drives me nuts and it's SO common. There is a clip at the front and another at the back that are way too tight though, that is a stand out. Also, the feet just kinda "stop", they don't feel transformed so much as kibble put to use and sculpted to look like boots. Depending on your orientation of the large sword, it is possible to transform Drift without removing it.

Bot mode is nice and tall, but at first blush seems overly simple. The sculpted detail is a tad broad after a few years of very fine detailing, and the details he does have are totally lost in the white plastic. I think a paint wash would really bring this figure to life, but it's also missing a bunch of paint apps like the red on the chest, the yellow on the "cheeks" (they put gold instead of yellow on the crest center), a few other things like that, just a sense of "more" that's badly missing here. And if that weren't bad enough, while he's got the general idea of the character down, he's a tad scrawny-looking, especially around the torso, and then he has fatty boots that look like too much car kibble. His chest could have been salvaged by making the windshield opaque, but clear it's not doing its job of shaping the guy. His eyes lightpipe light blue, but it's a top lightpipe that works but creates a dark center in each eye, realistic to people yes, but looks a little odd here, and the color gets lost in the silver face a little. In fact, all the black and silver colors in bot mode should be something else, mostly dark gray I'd say. So all that said, this figure is pretty good. Why? Because it can pose like a mofo, and pull off 2-handed sword wielding, and somehow it just has presence once you get to playing around with it. Drift comes with 2 short swords stowed in the door-kibble hip armor (the right sword on mine falls out so easily though), and the long sword is on a clip on the back which is hinged even though it didn't need to be. Poochy the Marysuebot here is nothing without standing around posing and holding his swords, after all. Articulation is good, it's not even great really, no waist, limited knee range too, but what's there works very well for Drift's poses, and my favorite is the hinged head designed to look up at a 30 degree angle - that is something all figures, TF or not, should be able to do.

Bottom line, Drift is an ok Transformer in general, not mindblowing in any one way, but by giving this figure enough mobility to have attitude, somehow it becomes a little more than the sum of its parts. Perhaps most frustrating then is what all this figure could be with better deco choices, but all in all it's a decent purchase.

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JT, it's a good thing I never liked Bayformer Ratchet.
Yeah, he is a loser in every scale they put him in.

We've not really talked much about the Botcon coverage yet but there are some promising deluxes coming like Tomahawk the Apache chopper. Blurr is coming as well but I think I like the animated Blurr much better.
I'll be honest, I've been so busy I've barely skimmed the Botcon coverage. Not even Steve's coverage yet:

I did dig a lot of the new stuff they showed, but it felt like "why wait so long to put it out???" after the last few months. Generations Blurr being Drift is meh to me.

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I'm looking forward to the Transtech Cheetor remold of Animated Blurr!
Wait, what???