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Tycho, how funny, I bought HA Jazz at Target today as well.
I want to find Mudflap but wondered if Hasbro pulled back on him for any reason (due to abyssmal sales of Skids?). Simmons isn't as exciting as Mikaela for obvious reasons, but we want both the twins, plus DECEPTICONS for this line:

Rampage with Sam Witwicky as Prisoner (Human Nemesis Line)

Sideways with Alice driver (Isabel Lucas) (Human Nemesis Line) and her Cybertronian form.

A Legends Ravage perhaps packed in - maybe even with a HN scaled Soundwave.

Scrapper - with an EU robot form and maybe another version of Lennox packed in.

I'm looking for movie DECEPTICONS in a scale do-able for this Alternator-substitute sized BayFormer line.

Michael Bay is awesome!

JediTricks pointed out that a characteristic of the line is the human figure interacts with the Cybertronian in 'bot mode.

Well, the bots could have prisoner cages for the good-guy human characters. Rampage was actually shown with his in the movie.

Ravage could launch out of Soundwave.

Alice is fine interacting with Sideways because they're both Decepticons like Frenzy and Barricade are.