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A friend up in WA got TFA Rodimus for me so I don't have to search everywhere for him like I did for TFA Arcee.
Congrats on Rodimus. Have you gotten it yet, and if so, how is it?

If you find another, could you stash or pick it up for me? I'll stash you an MP Grimlock if I see it.

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A couple of years ago, and not in the US. The new laws that cover toy guns prevented him from being sold unless someone (individual or small vendor) had it shipped from Japan. As I understand it, any that were actually shipped directly from Japan had to be opened and have part of the figure painted orange so as to never be confused with a giant Walther P-38. The one I got at Comic-Con, well, I never asked how the guy got a few of them here unaltered.
That's not accurate, it's not a part of him that had to be painted orange, it was a permanently-affixed blaze-orange plug set in the barrel. If sold as a replica or for stage use, it's not regulated as a toy. If imported, it's not heavily regulated either. It's just that the imports got so common that it started to get noticed - it's a toy after all. So then shipments started getting held up at customs after a while, and then Takara released the blaze-orange plugs which were removable, which worked for a while, but now those aren't acceptable once they got wind that the plugs just come right back out.

Last year I was on the hunt for the sub-$100 Megatron at Comic-Con, only found them at Botcon, SDCC wanted more, but this year just wandering I saw less and they were all pushing $200. I honestly don't even care $100, just wanted it for Prime, but it's just not as good so I gave up and don't mind.