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I will echo the sentiment about the 3rd Party Arcee figures. Stay CLEAR away from the Impossible Toys one. It's absolute garbage. I wasted a lot of money on that.

For "Springer", Fansproject made a "Warbot" that pretty much IS Springer, 3rd party again but it's damn nice. http://www.bigbadtoystore.com/bbts/p...13&mode=retail

Triple-Changer and everything.
I agree with AFCollector. I actually sent my IT Arcee back. Cost me $15 in shipping and restocking fees, but it was better than the $75 hole.

I also bought the Warbot Defender. It's a very, very good figure. A little overly complicated for my tastes in the transformation, and I could do without the diecast, but every mode is solid and the figure is pretty well articulated. He can even pull his sidearms from their holsters on his legs.