I saw that Autobot WWII era bomber plane in the store (Target) today.

It really looked nice.

I'm tempted to start a couple "military Transformers" collections.

One would be old-school, like this Autobot plane, and the scout-class bi-plane that came out with the ROTF figures. Forgot his name, but JT showed me the toy. I think his name was recycled from a G1 Insecticon.

Anyway, the other collection would be modern military. I guess I'd buy the Deluxe size Seeker jets. I've seen Dirge and Thrust in the stores and they are nice. The old Generations Starscream from a couple of years back was cool, too.

I could just go ballistic, seeking out and finding this stuff!

And then what?

I don't have enough room to display what I've got.

When I get my big display cases moved in, I think I'm going to set up "Egypt" in one of them, and arrange my ROTF Transformers and then put a framed picture of Michael Bay on top of it.