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Transformation looks complex and difficult, it's an oddity to be sure,
This is one reason why I think he looks so cool!

Part of the playability with the line, and what you've got to admire, is the engineering / designing that goes into these things.

They may make it already, but jets and cars that transform sideways or turn inside-out would be an awesome new step for Transformers to take.

The figures could wind up being shorter than usual, and they will have to figure out how to cost-out good articulation and weapons, features, etc.

Possibly why Highbrow is shorter is he may have been intended for the Deluxe line at one point, and couldn't fit in there for cost reasons.

If you had a Deluxe Autobot car that transformed side-ways, or inside-out, and you wanted to retain a normal standard of height and articulation, you might have to add doubled-up panels in the transformation to extend legs and arms, yet retain some thickness for aesthetic reasons.

So you package them at a higher pricepoint.

I'd be OK with Hasbro doing this - but publically discuss this so we don't have to listen to all the complainers talking about why " a Deluxe figure " is Voyager classified, etc.

Who would I have designed in such a manner? Probably new characters - just like Highbrow might be (I don't know if he is, but I suspect).

The traditional characters should maintain their traditional transformations. But that's just my preference. You have some leeway with Megatron who's now (in the movies) always changing his alt-form.