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I'm also slightly concerned about Jazz--not yet to the point where I'm going to beg folks to look for him. I've just seen the RTS wave or remnants thereof five or six times, and not seen Jazz once. Actually, I take that back; I saw it at K-Mart for their laughable prices before Christmas, where they were sold out of Tracks, for a change.
I know this sounds ridiculous, but try a Kohls if you have one. My local Kohls gets Star Wars and Transformers figures in much faster than my Target, TRU, or Walmart, if those other stores gets them at all. I picked up WFC Soundwave, Thrust, Red Alert, Jazz, and Tracks at Kohls.

The big problem with Kohls is that their prices are super high. However, they have so many crazy sales there that it usually brings the price down to TRU level.