so I've been on a Transformers kick lately and have made a couple of purchases within the last 2 weeks.

Combiners Series Bombshock with Comboticons - love the new redesigned look of the combiner robot... it's no Bruticus but it's still way cool. Bombshock is a nice addition as well.

Scout Class Breacher and Oil Pan - again nice looking vehicles but Breacher is amazing as both a APC and a Robot. Oil Pan is okay is robo form but better in vehicle mode.

Generations Optimus Prime - not as hard to transform as Bumblebee was but a nice Prime to add to the Prime Shine. I'm thinking of investing in another so that I can display both in Vehicle mode as well as Robot Mode.

and I recently purchased a series of WST combiners... I got Devastator, Defensor, Bruticus, Menasor (combination of the stunticons and the technobots), Six-Liner, Six-Wing, Superion, Landcross, Six-Builder and Lion Kaser. they look really neat and they transform the same way as the orignal G1 versions did. they are a little larger then the WST scale but about 2 sizes smaller then the G1 versions. still they are a nice addition to the ever growing Transformers collection.