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    Finally found Powerglide today, 200 miles south of my house. I will be kicking myself for not picking it up but it was either that or a birthday present for my daughter.
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    I found Laserbeak (deluxe) today. While I don't like the alt mode's look, I love the G1 bird reference.

    I also found the Deluxe Bumblebee with all the weapon effects on him. I swore I wouldn't be buying a lot of Bumblebee products this time around. Yeah. That worked. There's also a NASCAR version of him that I might pick up, too. *groan*

    I don't know if I posted it, but I got the Cyberverse commander class Blackout and love him too, Chux. I haven't run across Powerglide that I know of - or maybe I bought him the other day. Can't remember. I've gotten so busy that it's hard to remember these things now.
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    I managed to sell off my Impossible Toys "Arcee" and use that money to purchase iGear's go at it, and let me say, VASTLY. SUPERIOR.

    The plastic feels sturdier, the transformation is tighter and holds together even when posing it, not to mention that it comes with a stand, though she doesn't need it to stand on her own, unlike the Impossible Toys version which wouldn't stand up to save her life. Her weapons aren't chintzy little plastic blobs, she comes with stickers for decoration and the instructions are actually clearly taken photographs of the toy being transformed.

    I am glad I got rid of the other one and got this instead. Pictures and further reviews can be found at

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    How does she look with your CHUG figures? Is the diecast a good addition or is it obtrusive? I was so utterly disappointed in the Impossible Toys version, and the iGear version is so expensive, I just don't want to get burned again.
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    She's sitting on the shelf with my Warbot (Springer), Kup (with iGear head) and Blurr and she looks great. Same height and everything. Transformed she's a bit shorter than Blurr but still looks like she's supposed to. The die-cast parts are completely invisible. They're merely the knee joints and chest piece so you can't really even tell they're there. My only complaint, and it's a non-issue, is that there's no instructions on where to put the stickers. I figured some of them out by the shape, but the rest I haven't a clue. There's also a nice large indention on her vehicle mode hood for the insertion of a rub-sign or (as I did) a regular Autobot insignia.

    I have her on her stand now, but as I said, doesn't even require it, she can stand on her own just fine, unlike the IT version which couldn't if her life depended on it. If you're on the fence about it, I'd say make the jump. She's totally worth the purchase.

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    Movie line figures are on sale at WM, deluxes are $10, Voyagers are $18.50, and Leaders are $42.

    Stupid movie line has now crowded out ever finding Wreck-Gar or Warpath, although the previous pegwarming Generations waves seem to keep hitting for some reason. And the movie line looks TERRIBLE, nearly every figure looks small and chintzy and overwhelmed by an action gimmick weapon. I've had a hard time finding ANY interest, the first day it came out I looked at everything while on my way to an errand, and nothing caught my eye.

    Since then, I've slowly bought a few pieces, cautiously after lots of research. First it was Backfire & Spike, I had seen a ton of pics of the other little Human Alliance basic sets and they looked dead awful, but this one looked ok. And it is, the instructions don't seem to know what's going on in weapon mode (like how the figure sits UNDER the now-moved engine block, or how the front wheel splays), but the rest is decent with good paint and a big orange cannon for weapon mode and lots of detail.

    Next it was Skyhammer, and this figure is excellent. Fantastic detailing, not a bayverse aspect anywhere, an incredible transformation, possibly the best helicopter TF I've ever owned. His colors work really well, he has almost no kibble, good articulation, and the rotors-as-chest is very clever. The weapon is a bit obnoxious, but not as bad as some I've seen in this line, but the blade not locking is stupid, so I just bypassed that and figured out a way to lock the blade (use a tool like a flat-head screwdriver to stop the rack gear, then manually engage the blade, it'll use friction to hold at the end). His styling is almost Gundam with the small waist and tall legs, but he's got plenty of his own style. The instructions, while necessary due to the complexity of the transformation, are also at times baffling and have things out of order, and use a prototype that doesn't quite match, and tries to suggest something but just implies removing the rotor instead which is impossible since it's riveted on. Oh, and his rocket pods are positionable and removable, a nice touch, even though they look great behind his back.

    Today it was Dlx Starscream based on the comments I read in this thread. It's not a bad figure, but it's a bit small, and the chest ends up quite gappy. The bayverse digitigrade legs certainly make him stumpy, but the fact that they got so much design accuracy into this deluxe is impressive none the less. I also like his weapons, which was unexpected.

    All in all though, these are the only figures tempting me right now. I am looking for leader Ironhide, and wee Powerglide, but that's about it. I'm still not sure of 'roid-abusing Shockwave.
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    So, just to keep a running tally, the Classics/Universe/Generations figures we'll never see (or see in insanely small numbers) due to shoddy distribution, not even counting weirdness like the HTS exclusive Overkill (that looks nothing like Overkill) are:

    Warpath 1 (Legends)
    Rodimus 2 (Legends)
    Warpath 2 (Deluxe)
    Wreck-Gar (I'm still looking for you, JT, but have actually seen more Kups lately)

    And that's not counting the inevitable, semi-confirmed repaints, like Frenzy and the Junkion stooge.

    Really, that's a pretty sizable chunk of basically unavailable figures. That's big enough proportionally to make one give up on classic Transformers, or Transformers altogether if they don't collect movie stuff.

    I really wonder if Hasbro thinks about this when packing cases with Skullgrin. Or even Thunderwing. I love both characters, but they're hardly remembered as widely and fondly as Wheeljack.

    And they definitely have some sort of grudge against poor ol' Warpath.

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    Well the first 4 were released quite some time ago (if we're talking about the same legends class figures that is). I picked them all up with the legends Cliffjumper from BBTS in like 2008. HasTak seems to like limiting the production of these things after awhile, creating a false "limited edition" feel to them. This applies with all their toy lines lately. They'll crank out a wave, distribute it willy-nilly and you might see the items, but you probably won't.

    Wheeljack and Thundercracker are slowly trickling into the stores. I've read reports of people picking them up periodically in stores. Same with Warpath, but on an incredibly miniscule scale.

    I have no hopes of seeing Windcharger or Rumble ever, or Warpath for that matter, and I agree with you. It's a minor thing in life really, not being able to purchase a toy for a collection, but as a collector, it's frustrating that this company is limiting the release of these items as they are. Hell, I remember seeing pictures for Windcharger 2 years ago. I have no idea how long it takes to produce and distribute toys, but...why tease us with pictures 2 years before telling us: "Oh hey, we're not actually LETTING you purchase him. Sorry! ::snicker::" They did the same thing with the Transformers:Animated Rodimus/Ironhide figures. I have magazines with pictures of them from 2008, and we didn't get him until 2010. I guess I'd have to have a talk with someone in the industry to fully understand it all, but from a consumer standpoint, it doesn't make any sense to me.

    The movie stuff is unfortunately pushing out the stuff the classic collectors want, and to make it worse, plenty of classic collectors buy the movie toys, giving Hasbro the impression that we ALL want them. The only way to get them to realise that there are 2 camps here, is for the sales of the movie toys to decline to a standstill by collectors. (It'll obviously never cease completely, I don't expect a child to be deprived of a toy they want.) This will never happen though, because someone will always "step over the line" as it were, thinking "this one purchase won't hurt anything". I'm keeping my money in my wallet, not even purchasing Star Wars or Marvel figures. It's my 1-man protest, not that it'll impact anything, but I can say I tried.

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    I finally found Thundercracker, yesterday. Unfortunately, it came a day after I got sick of the hunt for him and purchased one on ebay. No other figures from that wave were on the rack.

    Finally opened up Powerglide. Great figure, but having a problem keeping his nose down in vehicle mode.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth Metalmute View Post
    Finally opened up Powerglide. Great figure, but having a problem keeping his nose down in vehicle mode.
    Me either. I just pull the landing gear all the way back.

    I wish he had a more classics head sculpt, which could turn, and his hips weren't so far apart, but he's pretty cool. I would ask to have the G1 wing transformation, which is my favorite aspect of the toy, but I'm trying not to be greedy.

    On second thought, Dear Santa...
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